Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pinoys Join Global Warming Fraud

The mistaken belief of Filipinos on global warming issue is manifested by the signing of Climate Change Act. And with this law, the participation of some Pinoy bloggers to represent them at Copenhagen’s summit on global warming this coming December is a futile undertaking. There will be no binding agreement which can be achieved on the coming summit. The more significant issue is global hunger not global warming and it should be where the interest of diplomats and influential leaders who attended the Asia- Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting in Singapore must be focused. And where will the renewed interests of Pinoys on global warming is leading? It is the waste basket of failed enthusiasm.

The United Nations Summit on Global Warming in Copenhagen has lost its lustre. One of the media assessment in the recent APEC meeting is that “The event’s biggest achievement is usually getting world leaders to dress up in the native garb of the hosting country, ...” and the announcement that there will be no legally binding agreement on climate change will be achieved at the coming summit. The Kyoto Protocol which clothed the authority of the UN Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will be expiring in 2012 and unless commitment from powerful and developed countries, such as US, China, and India, can be secured to support carbon emission limit; the climate change commerce is going to fail. An added gloom in the dimming summit is the scandalous emails of IPCC researchers were recently uncovered when international hacker brought open the fabricated data of global warming during the preparations of IPCC reports. Hundreds of emails were hacked from a Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University in United Kingdom and US Senator James Inhofe is demanding Senate investigation of US global warming programs where millions US tax dollars were involved. And it will be an uphill climb for Al Gore and James Hansen to pursue their man-made global warming business. They will have to file up more scare factors such as; typhoons, tornados, floods, and rising sea level, and other horrible catastrophes and unprecedented/unusual happenings to frighten humans; and force the people through their respective government to adhere to their self-serving propositions. Hurricane Katrina has been attributed to global warming by assumption and typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) which brought horrifying experience in the Philippine is being speculated and blamed as the result of man-made climate change.

With the same scare factor that they say the Philippines is as vulnerable as Maldives and will be the first to submerge in water if the Filipinos will not follow the European global warming admonitions; the Climate Change Act of the Philippines was passed. Also, the name of Filipino NASA scientist, Dr. Josefino Cosimo, has been mudded and besmirched when he consented to Hansen’s greenback objectives and proceeded to Manila to promote the passage of the said act. The authorities now are campaigning very hard to support the global warming proposition in view of the astonishing big dollar rewards/incentives. Poor countries such ours cannot reject the offerings. The bounty is too much for our empty stomachs –and corruptions will continue to flourish with the sponsorships of the wealthy and influential countries.

Pinoy’s understanding of man-made climate change is as hollow as their pocket. They are going to swallow whatever information about global warming conjectures as long as there is an immediate benefit they can derive from it. They were made to believe that carbon dioxide is the main culprit to climate change –this was termed global warming before, but since scientific evidences do not cooperate with the assumptions and as computer-based calculations/simulations and “hockey stick” graph failed, the proponents/fabricators shifted to the term climate change and more excitement and entertainment were generated.

Filipinos are no different from the people of the world who were easily convinced that carbon dioxide is harmful to our earth. That carbon dioxide causes global warming thus limiting plant life and all living things. On the contrary, if we limit carbon dioxide our forest and all the livings will die. As you see, observe the branches of a tree extending the whole width of the road waiting for a car to pass. They longed for dwindling carbon dioxide which they know every motor vehicle will emit more when it pass-by. In places where Co2 are limited, trees are fading. They are now similar to street beggar asking for alms in view of the emission restriction of carbon dioxide being promulgated worldwide.

The United Nations should be more concerned with global hunger and not global warming. It is the immediate problem the third world is now facing. Dead bodies are filing due to malnutrition compared with the imagined problems of global warming.

Pinoys should be united to find solution to fight poverty. We should not blame calamities –like the destructive flooding brought by typhoon “Ondoy” and attribute it to the natural cycle of climate change- which are insurmountable to prevent. Climate change is here to stay and humans have learned to adapt for regeneration and continuity of life.

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