Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Typhoon Parma Dissolved; Melor Headed to Japan

Typhoon Pepeng (codename Parma) has been reduced to a tropical cyclone over Apayao, Northern Luzon province according to Philippine weather bureau PAGASA.
In my assessment, Typhoon Parma will be dissolved and gobbled up by stronger typhoon Melor (local name Quedan) which is now heading to Japan. Taiwan will be spared due to agitation of Parma trying to push Melor. However, being a powerful typhoon wrestler, Melor junked Parma and tow her to Southern Japan which is expected to sow havoc to whatever structures on its way.

After the devastation and confusions these typhoons have laid in the Philippines, particularly Ketsana (local name Ondoy) which flooded Metro Manila and rendered thousands homeless, another Low Pressure Area is being watched located Northeastern part of Samar in the Pacific Ocean. Let’s hope this will not develop into another storm and allow Pinoy to recover from the wrath of weather disturbances.

I wonder why nature so love the Philippines that it made the island the dating venue of cool air from Siberia and hot air from the Pacific. However, after its romantic partnership, it give birth to storm and typhoon to spread holocaust on its path.

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