Friday, October 2, 2009

Another Text Message Hoax

I received a text message from concerned friend at 4:09 P.M., yesterday, Oct. 2, 2009, and I immediately sent/forwarded to my close friends and relatives. These brought panic and untold miseries to the recipients. As a result, I too was blamed.

Here is the complete message:

“(From cecille lardizabal of ABS-CBN news & current affair correspondent) We just got this msg here at work. Most of us were briefd & already being askd to prepare. Here’s the summary: l. Typhoon Pepeng is classified as type 5 hurricane (same as Katrina) 2. Critical hours is 9 p.m. tonight so pls go home already & do preparation. 3. Wind & rain stronger than milenyo. 4. MM will be hit by tail/body parin 5. 9 pm will know it tail has it or if it hit direction 6. Charge phone coz meralco will shut down areas tonight 7. Flastlight, rope, food, medicine & still prayer is still & best option. Pls pass this msg along.”

With this type of message -although there are useful information and needed preparations that may be derived from it- will cause unnecessary pain and nervousness to the one who will receive it. They will, of course, incurred the unwanted expenses because  urgency and the horror brought by the comparable destructions and havocs caused by hurricane “Katrina” and the recent flooding of Metro Manila courtesy of typhoon “Ondoy” (international code name Ketsana.)

I have been a victim of horrifying experience as a result of deceptive text messages. I was in the province or remote countryside when it was hit by strong typhoon and heavy rains. Power transmissions were downed as well as radio communications. And we were all rendered hopeless and impoverished by the said messages.

At this time of trouble being experienced by the horrified populace, there are individuals who seem to be happy and engrossed sending more anxieties to those who are already crawling in hardship. May they be the one to be hit by the curse of nature! So they will forever fret and be pestered by the karma of their lies and wrong existence.

(As of this writing, super typhoon “Pepeng” –international code name “Parma”- have weakened to 175 kms/hr, evaded Aurora province as its landfall and headed northeast of Apari, Cagayan, or Taiwan and Japan.)

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