Saturday, September 26, 2009

Only when it Rains

So, no more stretching and other work-out! I wanted to go outside but it was already raining when I woke up at six in the morning. Tropical storm “Ondoy” (international code name Ketsana) was directly crossing the whole island of the Philippines bringing more rains than wind. And it poured, particularly, in Luzon flooding Metro Manila and suburban areas.

The only thing to do is to buy some foods. But the usual way, I’m passing; going to the market was already at knee-depth. I was driving a 1300 c.c. Toyota car and I know it will not float, crawl, and/or go far with that water depth. So, I changed my route to a higher ground passing the longer distance on the mountain side which took me thirty minutes to the market.

I bought some fish, grocery items, and Globe celfone pre-paid card. But the rain intensified and I was stranded for an hour until it slow down.

When I drove back, the route I passed before was already flooded at half-tire depth. I tried the only way for home at that instant but my car’s engine got drowned and cranked out. Good that it started alive and gained power and was able to back-off to find another way. I tried the highway but it was also underwater -like the Grand Canal of Venice, the City of Water- and traversing this way going to our house is much harder and I know it will be impassable. I waited again at the side-road Petron gas station until the water subsides.

I fear of the low-lying areas of San Pedro, more for those situated along the river bank of Laguna de Bay. With this water depth more will be holding fast at the roof of their houses –this misery is more on an impoverished society, the indigents who cannot afford the luxury of living available only with those of the Condo residents.

And that actually happened when I got home and saw the actual situation from television and radio reports …Metro Manila and Laguna submerged in water.

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