Monday, September 7, 2009

Brief Accounts of Presidentiables

Filipinos are easily dupe with politics. They are indulged with it and do not realize that they are always in the losing end. They give way just for pity and forget the capabilities of one who will lead them. It does not matter whether a candidate they elect can really lead but as long as he is popular and/or a relative of aggrieved or assassinated party he is assured of a sympathy vote. And they always fret when the leader they installed is incapable of instituting change. Anyway in this part of the world, the poor and uneducated who are the majority always decide the fate of the state.


And now election time is coming near. They will again to choose the least qualified president. Many presidential aspirants are running to protect their business interests and self-aggrandizement. Here are the brief accounts of the presidentiables setting forth their festering desire to run for the highest post:
1) Vilyar - he profits most from facilitating new government road constructions leading to his gated housing projects; 2) Rowas - he caused the miseries of pre-need industries -did I mention the education assurance plan?; 3) Legnarda - always campaigning for green projects when election comes near and is fond of associating with the powerful and wealthy, and now hinting to quit for humanitarian reasons; 4) Escuadero - profiting from his youth, the new generation trend, and the popularity of their clan during the Marcos regime, quite smiling in view of Legnarda's quit plan; 5) Fermmda - benefited from his construction companies and bound to uphold its interests; 6) Bingay - benefited from wealthy Makati and his association with the left; 7) Madregal - trying to have influence with their clan's wealth inheritance; 8) Estrada - bent on extricating himself from being a convict and a midnight worker. His administration was responsible for the depleted workers' funds of the Social Security System which Marcos dared to touch but spared it from bankruptcy; 9) Goredon - trying to avenge his being maltreated by Estrada Administration. He was responsible in reviving Subic Port and upliftment of Olongapo's economy; 10) Pangilinan - seeking the presidency to pay for the gavel he broke in the Senate session; 11) De Castro - using his popularity with the masses to earn a living; 12) Teodoro - a "political son" of Danding Cojuangco is joining the race to acquire more power and maintain the northern region's supremacy; 13) Padaca - a grace which did not count as a vote to her and a jab to the moon for communist cause; 14) Villanueva - using his religion to attain his purpose; 15) Velarde - gained popularity and wealth thru his cult and to succeed in his political motive, power, and more riches; 16) Panlinlang - also using religion and to fortify the power of the church; and 17) Noynoy - a soft drying twig from a mahogany tree and a long shot so that Hacienda Luisita may be spared from being parceled among the tillers under CARP.
Good, there are no more Pascual Racuyals and Harold Stassen in the wannabe list.
With the foregoing account of these aspiring individuals, I presumed these will serve as the guiding criteria or the light tower for millions of Filipinos lost in the sea of political perverts.

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