Sunday, July 12, 2009

World Bank E-mails to OFW Disowned

World Bank denial that they sent e-mails on lotto rigging and exchange rate manipulations to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) is too late. OFW and the reading public have already digested the disgusting statements ill-intended to the Philippine government.

According to the statement purportedly made by World Bank, “the present currency exchange rate of US Dollar to Peso is actually $1 = 52 Pesos, and your government is manipulating the exchange rate for some years now.” (The present average forex rate is P48.00 to a dollar.) This enraged OFW’s who believed they were being robbed by the Arroyo administration. Not only the exchange rate, as declared in the statement, but also the drawing of lotto results which were being rigged so that only two people will win the big prize. And the statement pinpointed Mikey and Datu, the two sons of President Gloria Arroyo. It clearly further stated –sending distrust to the betting public whose bet provided assistance to the poor and other humanitarian projects- that the winning balls, with the corresponding numbers, were smaller than the other such that when the balls are sucked in the drawing tube only the small balls will fit in and ensuring the winning numbers given to Arroyo’s sons.
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Friday, July 3, 2009

Pedaling Tagaytay Hills

Being able to undertake the required training and preparations of a determined cyclist, we prepared to embark the limb wrecking cycling expedition to Tagaytay City. This is an uphill stretch to test the endurance of retired workers mostly senior citizens –that attaining good health should not be confined to visiting your doctor, good diet, and ballroom dancing. Road bike and uphill climb satisfy your health requirements and sense of fulfillment … and the breathtaking panorama.

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