Friday, January 2, 2009

Too Cold To Be Warm

San Pedro, Laguna, is now 25 deg. C colder than any month of December in my two decades stay in this suburban town closest to Metro Manila. And this is the only December –considered as dry season- in my memory when the rain fell on Christmas Day. Recorded lower temperature is regularly registered during the month of February in this tropical and maritime region of the Philippines. Cloudy fog descended in this town on January 1, the new year’s day of 2009, an unusual morning occurrence seldom observed in this time of the year.

The proof of global cooling is now being felt in this part of the globe. And it is not only in the Philippines; the MSNBC report about record levels of snowfall that just hit the Pacific Northwest; the recent December record of 45.8 inches snowfall in Green Bay as reported in the Green Bay Press Gazette; the recent December record of 45 inches snowfall in Wisconsin, Madison, breaking the all month record of 37 inches in February 1994 as reported in the Wisconsin State Journal; the Alaska freezing –Alaskan Glaciers grow for first time in 250 years; the Glacier Bay National Park, Prince William Sound, the Juneau Icefield, Bering Glacier; and areas of the Arctic sea ice. These “might mark the beginning of another Little Ice Age” as one glaciologist, Bruce Molnia, who works for the US Geological Survey have said. (Read more at Icecap and The

With this global cooling, it glaringly contradicts the anthropogenic global warming being manipulated by the partners of Algore and Hansen in their “Inconvenient Truth” movie which we don’t know whether it was shot during summer where the ice are naturally melting. And this was supported by all global warming alarmists as they justify the cooling as proof of warming –either which way they are in. See more at Warming Sun

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