Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Waning Respect With Secretary Gonzalez

DOJ and PDEA are in cahoot before. Now they are in mess of stinking garbage. With the exchange of verbal accusations of bias and misjudgment on the so-called "Alabang Boys", the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA)are now in hot oven. It appearing from media reports that DOJ should be blamed and that PDEA is the one doing its job. DOJ is bent on dismissing the charges and of releasing the drug culprits.

DOJ Secretary Raul Gonzalez has been supporting the actions of the prosecutors in spite of the reported 50 million pesos bribe offer of the suspects' parents. He downplayed the used of his department's letterhead by the lawyer of the accused in preparing the dismissal order which is highly irregular. There are reports that his undersecretary called his "mistah" (a classmate at PMA) at PDEA relative to the dropping of the charges which the PDEA agent admitted that he is being offered three million pesos during the hearing of the Committee on Dangerous Drugs. Gonzales also castigated the PDEA agent in the manner of apprehending the drug suspect and his military exploit in Mindanao tending to deride the agent's capabilities. With his actuations, I am inclined to believe that he is for the dismissal of the charges filed against the "Alabang Boys" and suggesting pressure for the review of the qualifications of agents assigned in PDEA.

In my opinion, PDEA is doing its jobs. They are the one complaining why the cases of drug suspects are easily dismissed repeatedly. DOJ prosecutors have been freeing the drug culprits while PDEA agents are trying hard apprehending the drug syndicates.

I support the move to suspend Secretary Gonzales -whom I have been admiring for years but this admiration have just been diminished. There are now basis on the accusations of former President Estrada that there are many "Hoodlums in Robes" in the Department of Justice and they are more daring in the administration of Gloria Arroyo -and these are attributing more in her low popularity ratings. DOJ should be reorganized and to replace its personnel with new and incorruptible officers.

Note: State Prosecutor John Resado -the one being alluded to as who prepared the resolution dismissing the charges of the "Alabang Boys" is threatening to file libel charges against PDEA officials and some members of the media who implicated him in the alleged bribery attempt in the drug mess, based on GMA News, Jan. 13, 2009. Is he obstructing the transparency rule and the rights to public information?

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