Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Failed Rally Predators are Waiting in the Shade

It seems the interfaith rally at Makati City –an investment haven where Jejomar Binay wanted to paralyze and be downgraded- Friday, did not generate the thousands participation the oppositions were expecting. Jose Velarde, in disgrace, immediately went home -sensing that his 50 thousand audience expectations would not materialized- and attended to his ailing mother as an alibi. The bishops, the priests, the nuns, the deranged civil societies, the communists, the degenerated politicians, the misinformed and paid audience; they are the Somali Pirates camouflage in the sea of crowds. However, their prayers were not heard above and instead sent forth continuous rains in the morning to defeat the rally assemblies.


God must have been always on the side of Gloria. As has been said, Manny Pacquiao’s boxing accomplishment outscored Gloria’s economic worries and other misgivings. She has been always saved not by the bell but by nature’s understanding ways. Those who cannot wait until 2010 election wanted to replace her unconstitutionally and therefore chaos and disarray will be immediate results. They are the bishops and their cohorts who want to dictate and be the administrator of the state. They are the doom-makers who are too eager to see the Philippines reeling in disgrace and demeaned in poverty. They are the new breed of politicians who want to lead through the ruins of his constituencies and be president at all cost and impose their draconianisms. And they are all not for the country’s well being but solely for their selves’ aggrandisement.


The failed demonstration was not planned for the purpose of opposition to charter change but as a cover to dethrone the president and destroy the duly constituted government. They only failed to muster enough followers to constitute people power as the bishops have been harping on during the past few days. If for true reason they do not want amendments to the constitution, we have many options to reject it in the plebiscite. We are not in Marshall Law as was imposed by the previous dejected regime and we have all the freedom with responsibilities to abide by the legal well of the people.


We are the modern civilized people of the Philippines and we welcome beneficial changes in a civilized and legal ways. Hidden and self-serving motives can be injected to unenlightened populace but not to educated citizenship. Enough of power grabs and power greed. Leaders are borne and not made. I love my Philippines and would not let it to be fed to the vultures larking in the shade.


arpee lazaro said...

i strongly agree with some of the sentiments expressed in this post. i prefer to ride it out with GMA rather trust these sharks who, obviously, were once marcos cronies. people forget so easily. binay himself has turned into the very man he hated. he has become another marcos in makati. imagine, mayor for 20 years and still counting.

SPLICE said...

Yeah. Twenty years, and look at where Makati is now. Wait a minute, last time I checked, Makati's way better than any other financial district in th country >.< too bad.