Wednesday, November 12, 2008

World Bank Provides Funds To Terrorists?

I thought funds contributed to World Bank are for rural developments. The money from the rich countries is to be channeled to the poor. And this is one of the worthwhile purposes of its establishment. But why contribute to terrorists who thrive on kidnapping and murder of innocent civilians?

I was dumbfounded upon getting information from the Philippines’ daily newspapers that the World Bank contributed funds to MILF-Abu Sayyaf terrorists group. I understand that the trust fund from the World Bank and other contributing countries provided funding for the rebuilding of Mindanao and other conflict-affected areas but not to the dreaded head-cutter menaces that were alluded to be funded allegedly by World Bank! Unthinkable! Unsound and unjust! Come to think of it. These rascals and fearsome killers have just raided several towns in Central Mindanao in August, killing more than 60 civilians and innocent children, destroying properties, setting fire countless of houses, and displacing close to 150,000 residents. Are they worthy of support from the world fund body whose primary concern is for the upliftment of the rural populace?

MILF-Abu Sayyaf leaders are wanted and millions of pesos are the prize on their heads –dead or alive. Prominent on the wanted list are: Umbra Kato, Abdullah Macapaar alias Bravo, and Aleem Pangalian. There is a standing suggestion from Senator Richard Gordon to double the prize on the terrorists’ head to ensure that they are taken into custody. Higher prize is hard to resist even by their closest aides and the suggestion is quite convincing and may have reason to be taken into consideration.

If there is actually trust fund –phase 1 was already disbursed by the beneficiaries which was launched in Cotabato City on March 27, 2006, as reported- provided by World Bank and other donor countries, it should be intended to the reconstruction of Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao and not to Bangsamoro Juridical Entity who is seeking unconstitutionally to be an independent and separate state? MILF and Abu Sayyaf are the armed combatants of the Muslim secessionist party and are often link to al-Qaeda, particularly the Abu Sayyaf. They mix together and hide in their camps to evade pursuing government authority whenever they are being apprehended for numerous crimes committed. By their terroristic activities in Central Mindanao which was later labeled as terrorist by the international community, it is quite surprising to hear that they are aided by the fund from the world financial institution.

Instead of providing funds to millions of victims of malnutrition, food, and shelter to evacuees caught in conflict of wars in Congo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other parts of the world and those suffering refugees brought about by natural disasters such as fires, earthquakes, typhoons, flood, and hurricanes throughout the world; World Bank should not be rumored to be funding terrorists group who were reported to be using the funds in buying guns and ammunitions to annihilate the helpless and terrified populace! The Bangsamoro Development Authority is trying to cover up and downgrading the issue saying that “BDA officials didn't lose hope that the issue will linger only for moments and will eventually disappear leaving the agency unscathed by the controversy,"

Be that as it may, lingering doubts as to the motives of participation by the World Bank and other foreign countries cannot be just set aside. Why are they interested in a separate Mindanao State? Is it up for grabs for its rich natural resources? All developed countries are risking lives and the ire of international community in acquiring more territory instead of giving off. Why are Philippine officials letting it off? What a maze and stupid acts, many are those who are not contented with what they have. When will be they satisfied?

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