Sunday, November 16, 2008

Religion: An Instigator of Unrest

Ranking Catholic Bishops are fond of playing politics with the Philippines government. They are always in the forefront in criticizing the government even if the issue has nothing to do with religion. They are a savvy group equating the unpopular guidelines of the state into a ”social and moral cancer” and hence construed as connected with the Christian faith. They are always instigating the people to rise against the government and it seems they act corroboratively with the visions and aspirations of the radical left.

Only recently, Archbishop Angel N. Lagdameo, Archbishop of Jaro and CBCP President called the people to rise and oust the government of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo anticipating the global financial crisis that may contribute or may fuel the people’s uprising. He further cited that “liberators” are just around the corner and they are ready to support a people power revolt against Gloria Arroyo. Lately, Caloocan bishop Deogracias IƱiguez Jr. was prompting the house representatives to proceed with the impeachment proceeding and appealing to take it seriously to ensure Arroyo’s ouster.

The same with other sect, religious leaders are advocating the immediate downfall of the present government. Bro. Eddie Villanueva, leader of Jesus Is Lord, is also supporting the move of Archbishop Lagdameo to pin down Arroyo. It may be recalled that Villanueva even sought the Philippine presidency when he ran for president in the 2004 election using his religion as his political party or the Bangon Pilipinas Party thinking that he can dislodge President Arroyo.

The separation of religion and the state is no longer recognized by the many bishops and leaders of the religious congregations in this country. There is now a one-way exchange of benefits. The government recognizes the privileges of religions not only in terms of devotion and other activities but of free taxes as well. Religious parties are in all forms business enterprises and their commerce are considered the best and the most expensive today. And they even engaged in the lowest business activity of “Pinoy”, the “Hot Pandesal” business. And all their profits are sent or remitted outside of the state in a form of dollars. It is a significant loss to the state and may be the reason why the Philippines is considered as one of the poorest in Asia today –it is the only Christian country in the region. And religion has an unending demand to the state up to the extent of changing government policy and it basic constitution.

Religion is one of the major sources of the world conflict today. This has been the purpose of Millennium World Peace Summit that was called by the United Nations. And if religion will always transgress or interfere in the ways the government is running the administration of the state; conflicts are here to stay and to the detriment of the Pilipino Nation.

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