Thursday, November 27, 2008

Impeachment? Oh, Glory To God!

Congress is just wasting their time in trying to muster the attention of the audience in their theatrical performances replaying the impeachment proceeding four times where they themselves politically benefited. Thinking that they can get the popularity and free publicity from the media -who have the fancy of painting mud on the incumbent president- those congressmen particularly the opposition party list representatives are angry that the latest impeachment process was untimely junk by 42-8 votes of the House Committee on Justice and declared the impeachment complaint “insufficient in substance” or rather kaput.


It is not only the opposition congressmen and party list riders who are dying mad into frustrations by the “killing of impeachment” but the Pontius Pilates of the Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines. They are particularly irked by the used of analogy to crucify Gloria by Cebu Rep. Pablo Garcia, Sr. They are mad in the comparrison of the opinion survey to discredit the President as has been used in judging Jesus Christ. (Garcia should have said, “Whom would you prefer, De Venecia or Barabas to be crucified?”) Puerto Princesa Bishop Pedro Arigo in his disapprobation soberly said: “Let’s keep our sense of respect for religious matters,” discounting the fact that they are overstepping on Ceasar’s backyard. They go beyond the limit of their religious diocese and jumping on the matters of the State. They are now campaigning for the President’s ouster by force and out of the bounds of the constitution together with the likes of Jaro Archbishop Angel Lagdameo, the CBCP president, and Archbishop Oscar V. Cruz of Lingayen-Dagupan –where the terrorists prosper and burned many buses in his archdiocese.


I do not approve the actuations of the Catholic bishops who encroach in the authority of the State. I grew embracing the catholic Christian faith but the way they are herding us to unreligious upbringing, where can I turn-to to fire-up my faith?


I believe they cannot unseat Gloria as what we did with Jose Velarde whose accounts kept the oppositions kicking and barking.

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