Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The American Presidency Is Just A Ball Away

‘Just like to be updated what is in today. I have been watching the American Election development and trend -the unfolding event in an American history, right on our naked eye.

I’m sharing to you some of my observations on both protagonists in the presidency. These persist in my mind and just don’t like to fade away before the contest is done.

John McCain’s 26 years in American Congress provide him a decaying judgment. In his long years of service in the government, he has learned so many tricks. Like a “Mahjong Player” he threw old and less reliable tiles and drew unknown and luck-like tile. (See, he cannot stretch his arms straight just like holding mahjong tiles on a worn-out table.) This can be reflected by his choice of Sarah Palin who lacks the experience and it appears that she is viewed as unfit for the position of Vice President –a clear successor if anything happens to an aging President.

And this is my bias notes for the other candidate:

Cafe BarakObama is like a billiard player. Always pointing his stick on a weak-placed ball and managed to slick in a crowded corner. He prefers a long shot on a freshly furnished table in what he called a shot for change. And looks like a presidency ball is already in his table’s pocket.

In a few hours, Barack Obama will be the change. The Change America has been looking for. Wanna change your bet?

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