Friday, October 24, 2008

Imported Cheap Cars from China

The Philippine government planned to import cheap cars from China. With this development, it is expected that the Metro Manila thoroughfares will be flooded of vehicles with perennially broke down parts. Towing business will flourish to the amazement of patrollers engaging on an easy-fast-cash scheme. And more sources of graft and bribery will prosper in every corners and darks side of the road.

Chinese cars are discredited and considered being made up of weak and easily-broken parts. Parts supplies are often termed as fake replica of genuine parts and unreliable in a prolonged and long distance travel. Trouble-free operations are less guaranteed and often met road trouble before your destination is reached. Even lately China-made replacement parts are easily worn out and do not last long compared to other car parts made locally or from other foreign source. I personally experienced having trouble and broiled with a dilemma of fake auto parts resulting to my inconveniences and failed important commitments.

I do not understand the fondness of this administration in making preferential project undertakings with the country of less dependable goods. I understand that their goods and services are low-priced; however, they are of inferior quality. Or they are superior in offering commissions and dole-outs that they easily out-bidded other good contractors. There are many projects involving this foreign establishment that are discredited and failed. But the government always insist in concluding business agreement in almost all aspect of economic trade with this foreign entity.

By March, 2009, importation of cheap cars will be arriving from China via Port Irene in Cagayan province. The use of the port which was suspected as the landing site of smuggled goods is something to browse upon. Is this the best port for business opportunity or the bargaining point for any hidden purpose?

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