Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Flawed Statesmanship

I do not buy the political flaunting of former House Speaker Jose de Venecia. Although his intention is to save his face from being ousted in his former post in the house of Congress, losing the leadership of their party, and that of his Joey de Venecia III who ignored delicadeza in joining and out-bided in ZTE national broadband network deal; he should not have done the endorsement of impeachment complaint of President Gloria Arroyo in the house o f Congress filed by his son.

De Venecia’s timing is ill-advised. Granting that GMA will be mudded with unfair accusations in front of the leaders of Asian and European nations on a Seventh Asia –Europe Meeting in Beijing, China, such an action is uncalled for for it is not only GMA who will be put in shame but the entire Philippines which will suffer the heavier burden of laughing stock and mockery. De Venecia should not have done this. He himself being an statesman knows the feelings and repercussions of being humiliated and be subjected to embarrassment in front of his peers during an official or international undertakings and gatherings. If an uneducated Pinoy did this in front of your guests in a certain gatherings, you may say it is unethical and unbecoming of a group member. But if a respected and well-educated official committed such an improper act, but beneficial to the purpose of opposing groups, you may also say it’s fair and just. This is the uncivilized way the opposition and the discredited society groups handled their strategy of power grabbing. They will insist whatever the cost. They are always on the guard looking for an opportune time. That is when the poor people are put in a helpless situation and hopeless of being underprivileged or seemed to be in perpetual poverty looking for someone to rescue them from hunger, it’s an easy sailing for a jealous group to seize an opportunity to grab power and lead.

They should have instead focused their actions on how they can be of help in addressing the negative effects of global financial crisis. Or they should have just remained silent instead of being an important contributory factor in the sufferings and deprivations in life of the Filipino people. With our crab mentality, where will the Filipino version of “Joe the Plumber” be in search of his rightful identity?

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