Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Economic Crisis and Pestering Impeachment

Pinoy’s penchant for politics never fade. In spite of economic turmoil and impending global recession, the instigator of chaos and provoker of anarchism never stop and seem to mind no economic upheavals but pursue their political ambitions whatever the cost. And their attitude of “come what may” persist as long as their personal objectives are not put in jeopardy whether the direct results are detrimental to the helpless populace.


The proponents of political destabilization are eking out, along with economic confusions, the filing of impeachment proceeding and embroiling Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to a mess they themselves created. The cancelled national broadband network deal with ZTE, which is the proposed constructions of telecommunication/computerization of government offices, are again being revived by those individuals who were failed bidders in the contract and who themselves should not participate in the first place in view of conflict of interest since the main proponent is a son of the Speaker of the House of Congress –this is similar to the case of a son of the Secretary-General of the United Nations who was involved in the “Oil-for-Food” programme deal with Iraqi Government. Instead of helping the government find solutions to economically survive the global financial mayhem, that may result to more sufferings not only locally but to the Filipinos working abroad, they continue to burden the administration with their stinking motives of power grabbing. They keep on feeding the people and the media of false information to sow hatred in a duly constituted government. There are so many issues that they can be of help to ease the miseries of poverty laden families of overseas Filipino workers. One way of helping them, for example, is to force Meralco to return the fees collected for meter deposits with its true interests instead of the money being given to corrupt court judges and government officials. They can provide assistance in lowering electric bills and lessen the losses being charged to electric consumers. The selfish intention of these power-obsessed oppositions did not diminished even in times of crisis. They insists with greater effort to frustrate hope and force hardship, from behind the scene, so that they will be looked upon to lead in the end – the same with the decaying style of communist agitators.


The economic hardship has been eroding the faith of the people to overcome the difficulties of day to day living. The impending recession is lurking just beneath the walls of harsh competition. Yet politicians are pestering and elbowing one another to be in the front line influence and power. They are unmindful of the seriousness and vulnerability of the poor to overcome the global financial crisis. The hard-hit populace are already struggling to earn a living. The prices of commodities and energy are skyrocketing. Food shortage have not yet been provided with lasting solution.


Overseas workers are losing jobs and are exerting more effort of finding work in every corners of the world. Their remittances –the hard dollars they earned and the lifeblood of our economy- are depleting and may soon be inadequate to support their children’s education and family subsistence. They are always in the losing end whenever there is worldwide financial crisis. As what have been said, “a Filipino house-help was put in the receiving end of bad mode whenever their employer lost money in the stock market.” They are often in the disappointing bargaining end when they are forced to swallow low pay or lost his job.


There must be applicable things to be done. Every Pinoys are duty-bound to find solution and to have total commitment for common good. There are times for politics. This is the time for economic patriotism. We have to get involve. Each has their own part to be performed to save mankind.


Herson Juego said...

Gloria Arroyo? Philippine President? You must be kidding me :)

Rmagin said...

If she is not the President, she should have been ousted like what we did with Erap.