Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cooling Trends Continue

The following article is another proof of continuing cooling period. The graph which was cited from reliable and well respected institutions will not lie unlike the manipulated “hockey stick” graph to coincide with the planned global warming the alarmists have been concocting. Please spend a little time to read for your information and greater understanding of climate change.

Global Cooling Continues

By Roger Helmer, Straight Talking

This graph shows average global temperature records for the last five years from two of the world�s most respected meteorological institutes, the UK’s Hadley Centre, and the University of Alabama in the US. Both show a clear downward trend, and the graph contrasts that trend explicitly with the rising trend of atmospheric CO2. So we have two conclusions: first of all, Al Gore’s alarmist predictions of rapidly accelerating temperatures, run-away warming and imminent Armageddon are just plain wrong, with each year that passes adding more nails to the coffin of his disaster movie. Second, the supposed correlation between atmospheric CO2 levels and temperature just does not exist. For years, temperatures have been falling while CO2 levels have risen.

The alarmists will try to explain this by calling on short-term effects which temporarily disrupt a long-term cooling trend. But some scientists who accept the alarmist position are now suggesting that these “short-term effects” could continue for another ten years. How many decades have to pass before they recognise that they got it wrong, and that our climate mitigation policies represent a worse economic disaster than the current financial crisis?

Roger Helmer is a Conservative Member of the European parliament, and is also Honorary Chairman of The Freedom Association. He was first elected to the European parliament in 1999, and has been kept very busy ever since representing the interests of his 4.1 million constituents from in the East Midlands.In June 2004 he was re-elected for a second term, and currently sits on three committees: Environment, Unemployment and Petitions. See Roger’s web site here.



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