Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sarah Failin' on Bristol Parenting

Proper growth and development are the fundamental requisites of family values. The upbringing of the child is defined by the method of childhood education learned from the family’s moral ethics. The acts exhibited in other place may be mirrored by the practices and behavioral activities at home. And the family aiming the Whitehouse seems to show they need more to be polished and be attuned to the standard to be looked upon as the American family model.


But such standard may not be met as Sarah herself, from the start, broke the tradition of marriage.

From her open book of life as a public servant, it appears she eloped with his boyfriend. The “caribou hunter” preferred to run away. She avoided the “reading of the banns” as the usual practice of marriage –the announcement made by the priest of the names of couple to be married in three Sundays’ Mass prior to the wedding ceremony- and instead marched through the clich├ęd ladder leading from her bedroom. They were married in a civil ceremony on August 29, 1988, and gave birth to a son named Track in April 1989. Did I say one month ahead from their civil marriage?


And here came their daughter Bristol, l7 year old, pregnant and unmarried. Sarah Barracuda announced on September 1, 2008, that her daughter Bristol was five months pregnant and intended to keep the baby and marry the father of her child. And here came to my mind the reader’s comment on blog Politico, something like …what if by chance one of Barack Obama’s daughters happened to be l7, unmarried and pregnant, displayed on the same stage with his boyfriend.. Would it be commendable of the kind of family values the Americans wanted it to be? But this is the family value the republicans are made to understand and they were all clapping their hands. No, it will be outrageous! But Sarah did this to preempt any rumor that may affect her VP campaign in the coming weeks.


There is another instant that made me focus on the republican convention at CNN channel. Did you notice what the young Piper, the 7 year-old daughter of “Hockey Mom”, did with her young brother Trig, the Down syndrome afflicted toddler? Right there in the stage of Republican National Convention while Sarah was delivering her acceptance speech, Piper tongued the whole length of her palm hand and pasted her juice to the hair of Trig! I fall on the bench laughing hysterically… and gasping for breath! (That video will earn the CNN camera men a precious fortune shot.)


With the upbringing of their children, would their practice of family values worth emulating?


But the admiration of Sarah Palin kept on pouring. The desperate McCain made her an instant political celebrity. She will continue to be the main attraction on the revitalized republican stage.

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