Thursday, September 18, 2008

Living In the Climate Of Fear

Fear monger is still the best way to convince people. It is always associated with the man-made global warming alarmist to instil the scenario of doom to force their campaign for carbon trading and related industries. This is an ordinary sales strategy that creates human sense of duty before asking why.


And this is the trademark of professionals connected with James Hansen, Chief of Goddard Institute of Space Studies (NASA’s primary climate monitoring agency), specialising in the climate of fear and scare factor and responsible in predicting climate catastrophe. One of his Filipino disciple, NASA physicist Dr. Josefino Cosimo, is studying the effects of man-made global warming in the Philippines. He is working on a climate project that will be funded by the Philippine government. He has issued a warning in a conference of the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical Astronomical Services Administration with Hansen’s standard that “sea levels could rise 23 feet and high ocean temperatures could deplete fish stocks and several species of plants and animals.” He further added that “the Philippines is among countries most vulnerable to the effects of climate change.” With this scenario of fear, He has caught the attention of Malacanang –the country’s main set of power- which, however, branded his warning as a “doomsday scenario” that will lead to the flooding of Manila City and destruction of aquatic resources.


Climate of fear was started by Hansen in 1970 and was given prominence in 1980 when he submitted a report “announcing that the planet was getting noticeably warmer and ‘for the first time the greenhouse effect made page one of the New York Times’.” This led further to the formation of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in Villach, Austria, with the participation of then US vice president Al Gore, author of “The Inconvenient Truth.” With their partnership, they developed a well-planned man-made global warming by tuning climate temperature records, i.e. “hockey stick” suited to the conclusion that there indeed is man-made warming through carbon dioxide fossil fuel emission. The “hockey stick” graph was extensively used by IPCC in its sponsored global warming guidelines but was found erroneous by McIntyre-McKitrick in the examination of proxy data used in the temperature estimate from 1400 to 1980. They concluded that the said graph contains “four categories of error: collation errors, unjustified truncation and extrapolation, use of obsolete data, and calculation mistakes. Correcting for these error, they found that temperature for the early 15th century was actually higher than the 20th century.” And Hansen was dumb-muted with these findings.


Hansen even predicted that “signs of man-made climate change would not be detectable until around 2000.” But to date global cooling is instead being felt as manifested by the delayed solar cycle 24. The less activity of the sun, as no sunspot and solar flare are noticeable per NASA records, solar physicists are one in stating that everytime the sun is spotless, the colder the earth will experience.


With the same climate of fear warning the Filipino physicist is expounding , inspite of the fact that US, China, and India were neglecting, where will the third-world countries would be in their understanding of man-made global warming. Their failure to challenge the onslaught of a highly profitable carbon trading and the high price of switching to other renewable source of energy will dump them deeper into the quagmire of hunger and poverty.

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