Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Too For Barack Obama

Barack Obama is the man to beat. With just a mention of his name, I cannot avoid to ask who he is and what make his name a music to my ears. The name itself suggests the change in the American political preferences. In the previous list of names for presidential nominees, a black sounding name is seldom included. And how Obama reach the level of prominence in the political arena only show that racial factor is no longer a hindrance to achieve top political stead.


An African-American being nominated in a major political party is an uncommon line in the political chapter of US history. Obama’s nomination displayed the political maturity of the American people. This is the place which was once an oasis of freedom and justice which only the whites enjoy the unrestricted mobility. The days of the fifties and sixties are over and the seeds sown by Martin Luther King, Georgia Powers, and Rosa Park are now bearing fruits and Obama is now harvesting. I believe Obama is destined to set foot in the Whitehouse to make the necessary “change” and fulfill the famous “I Have A Dream” obsession. Obama is the image of Martin Luther King who have come back “to cash his check” in a society where the blacks are issued a bouncing check before.


And dealing deeper to Obama’s political career, it seems he has the upperhand. The enthusiasm, not only the supporters and party aides are showing, are now reverberating throughout the world where US has influence. Many are inclined to listen in his speech not only to hear his views but to make observations and confirmations of what they heard about him. And as the campaign unwind the true quality and competency of the candidates; voters now have a clear view of whom to chose. People of America may have already learned and have allowed freedom to ring with the nomination of Obama. I too believe in the sincerity and the promise of democracy which America is proud of. Let me quote the words of Martin Luther King in his speech: “Now is the time to make real the promises of democracy. Now is the time to rise from the dark and desolate valley of segregation to the sunlit path of racial justice.” And maybe now is the time America has to change, the new American facing the challenge of changing time.


Whatever John McCain of the Grand Old Party do –like the choice of his VP in the person of Sarah Palin, a neophyte Governor of Alaska- in his desperate attempt to sway American interest on his side and create a talking point in his vet processes including his hastiness that his followers admired, he cannot get media publicity that has been favorably accorded to Obama. Although McCain has his own brand of principles and philosophies consistent with what his supporters fashionably adhered to, Obama’s popularity kept on soaring on the bright days of national awakening. Obama is destined to be the change in the great hall. Whatever the outcome on November, he has already made his point. And I too will vote for Obama… but I’m a Filipino!

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