Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Men of Academe - Advocating Deceit (MOA-AD)

The Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) panel does not realize the consequences of their actions. They are now asking “the Supreme Court to lift the temporary restraining order it issued on the signing of the agreement with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) with regards to ancestral domain issue.” They do not realize or are not concerned that people in Mindanao are now in religious conflict, dying, and causing irreparable damages no one had anticipated. Christians are retaliating for the lost of their houses, plantations, domesticated animals, and other properties when the MILF rebels invaded their communities as a result of the MoA-AD secret agreements.


Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita is uncontrollable. Why is he very eager and displaying undue interest in having this one-sided agreement be immediately signed. He is not aware that more hostilities or even civil war may arise with the signing of this concocted agreement than the lasting peace they are made to believe by the MILF and their cohorts of self-serving foreign negotiators. Once the agreement is signed by the agreeing parties, don’t they know the consequent legal binds it may serve and the damages it may result in the subsequent Comprehensive Compact the GRP have to swallow? They will be shouldering all the legal infirmities and all the Filipinos will be the loser.


These separatist groups as well as their foreign sponsors will not be contented in just claiming Mindanao. They have been provided with the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao and they are demanding more. Under the territorial provision of their concocted MOA-AD, item (e), states that:


“The areas covered by Category B are reflected on a map and list attached herein as agreed to by the Parties. Category B (the "Special Intervention Areas") refers to conflict affected areas outside the BJE which shall be the subject of special socio-economic and cultural affirmative action implemented by the Central Government pending the conduct of a plebiscite not earlier than twenty-five (25) years from the signing of the Comprehensive Compact to determine the question of their accession to the BJE.”


With this provision, after 25 years the Bangsamoro Juridical Entity (BJE) will have the option to expand to adjacent areas when the time comes that they acquired greater control of agreed areas. Who will stop them from greed and hegemony?


I am for the immediate cancellation of this Ancestral Domain agreement and have it declared unconstitutional. This is an agreement entered into by the people with vested interest ignoring the rights of other inhabitants who have also their own ancestral domain to care of. This MILF people posturing for the rights of the Moros are overacting. All inhabitants in Mindanao are indigenious people before as well as all the people who populate the Philippine archipelago. We are all pagans before. Only later did we differentiate with our religious beliefs. The Moros hugged the Arab Muslim beliefs (the Sunni and Shi’a) while the rest embraced the Spaniards Christian religion. Inhabitants of Maynilad were formerly headed by a Muslim Chieftain –Rajah Soliman, the “Greatest King of Manila” at the Muslim kingdom by the Pasig River- and there is no difference from where we originated. Still we are all Filipinos. Why are these leaders giving too many privileges to the people who only complain but are lazy workers? Inhabitants of the rest of the Philippines are hard workers. They practice fishing, agricultural farming, handcrafting, and trading while those of Mindanao ignored agricultural cultivation and prepared fishing, leisure hunting, roaming, and depended from nature’s bounty readily available for their subsistence –this can be shown by their communities habituating by the shallow waters of the sea, rivers, and lakes, instead of clearing the land so that their children have more rooms to play. And this is the reason of their laggard development.


Why give them special treatment while others deserve the same? Is it not also possible for the Mangyans of Mindoro to claim their ancestral domain and declared Mindoro their free and independent republic with the support of the US, Japan, and Australia to share the natural resources or whatever interests that may derived thereat? Why don’t these people go to Sabah and claimed it as their ancestral domain, i.e. being claimed, occupied or possessed by their ancestors, the Sultanates of Sulu -that are now occupied by Malaysia- instead of mutilating the Philippines that started from North Borneo and now the latest is Mindanao?


The GRP panel is a bunch of “booboo”. They set at the negotiating table with nothing to say but “Yes!” They let MILF to be on the upper hand and forever asking for impossible concessions while they did nothing, but bowed their head, and conceded. This resulted into DZRH branding MILF as better negotiators and now they are shouting that they are on the side of the truth! Lol.


They are all hordes of undesirables. I, myself, will declare them “traitor of the motherland” and have them thrown and burned at Mt. Pinatubo Volcano crater. There, they will have no children asking, “Why did you deceive me?”

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