Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Legacy of Erap and the Barbaric Nature of MILF

In spite of the shortcomings and failure of the Estrada Administration, it cannot be denied that Erap had caused the MILF its almost complete eradication. He was not intimidated or cowed by foreign sponsors interested in the separation of Mindanao State. He was tired of MILF separatists talking peace on one hand while conducting terrorist activities behind the scene --the kidnap-for-ransom activities of the Abu Sayyaf had been sanctioned by MILF as this terrorist retreated in the MILF lair and enjoyed their protection when being pursued by the police. Weary of the MILF tactics, Erap declared an all-out-war with these terrorists groups and captured the central headquarter Camp Abubakar, and 47 other MILF camps. If only the Arroyo administration did not gave special treatment to the MILF separatist, these hordes of terrorists could have been driven into splintered group and vanished to extinction.

Now, they are again hogging the limelight and have gained legal stature with the negotiation of MoA-AD –we should be thankful with North Cotabato vice Governor Emmanuel Pi┼łol, Iligan City Lawrence Cruz, Zamboanga City Mayor Celso Lobregat, and Tacurong City Mayor Lino Montilla; without them, the MoA could have been rendered a “done deal” as what MILF had claimed. And with the aborted signing of the said agreement in Malaysia on August 5, 2008, the secessionist-terrorist- band are now rampaging like a wild beast, killing innocent civilians, burning their houses, destroying properties, and displaying their uncivilized nature reflecting their true Barbaric character.

By this time, they are scouting and will be asking for funds from foreign partners –Malaysia, US, Australia, Japan, and other OIC backers- to support their terrorist activities. They will not stay long agitating the government and maintaining their armoury in a protracted war without the funding of those dreaming to benefit in the separate Mindanao Republic. Malaysia, in one way or another, stands to profit by galvanizing her claim to Sabah or further annexing Mindanao in an ensuing mutilation of the Philippines.

We have to stand guard and drive these terrorists out of our sovereign territory. MILF should instead reclaim Sabah as their own ancestral domain. Filipinos in Sabah are now being maltreated. They were being deported out of their own ancestral territory.

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