Monday, August 4, 2008

Global Warming Means Money

Shifting from fossil fuel source of energy to alternative source of energy means trillions of dollar investment. One can do this by citing the disadvantages of the present energy source and its ill effects to the extent of catastrophic scare of annihilating the human beings. This is what the proponents of anthropogenic global warming are advocating -forcing people to believe with the help of United Nations, wealthy capitalists, and the leftist-environmentalists or even trading their souls in exchange of power and wealth. See more @ Warming Sun

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jim454 said...

It is sad when a natural byproduct of mankind can be used as a source of financial gain. If the militant environmentalist had their way all humans would pay high taxes and live in shanty towns and never use any of the natural resources of this earth. In fact people would have to go back to farming with horse drawn plows and the spinning wheel would be the only way to cloth for clothes.

The solutions that are needed create a tremendous amount of pollution just to manufacture them. The Toyota Prius is a great example of this perpetual fraud of alternative energy systems. To clean up the environment it should not be about making millions of dollars but being a community effort to live a healthy lifestyle. Between hardcore environmentalists groups begging for donations to stay wealthy, celebrities who want to make millions off the polluted earth seem to have no concern for anything else in life.