Monday, August 25, 2008

Giving Off Mindanao: The Negotiators Negotiated

Government negotiators are negotiating for government concession! They are negotiating with the terrorist to accept Mindanao as their independent state. Lol


The government thru Anthony Goles, Deputy Presidential Spokesman, in recent radio interviews, said: “… the all-out war, although we are in a better vantage point and we know we will crush them sooner or later, it would be pointless. We would only be dealing with a part of the problem, then in a couple of years the problem would surface again.” If this is the thinking and reasoning of our government leaders, we have nothing to expect a better deal from them. They are bent on giving Mindanao to the MILF separatists. The problem will not surface again if we can provide economical solutions to Mindanao inhabitants. If they can be freed from poverty they will be contented and the country will not be dismembered.


The MILF is not sanctioning the terroristic activities of its leaders but it is their design of atrocities to force the government to agree with their motive to establish a separate state. It is presumed; they have nothing to say with their armed followers but to continue agitating, sow terror, and spread the environment of fear on the populace. They are not tolerating terrorism but it is observed that they have been practicing it ever since. It is their way of life. They are lazy to find peaceful means of subsistence. They are related to the syndicate that thrives on kidnap-for-ransom trade and other unlawful activities.


The government should now stop giving too much consideration with MILF separatist for reasons of illusive peace. There can be no peace as long as there are terrorists that continually roam the archipelago. Federalism might not even be a better solution. These people are not accustomed to peace and unity. Warlordism, supremacy and hegemony are the highlight of their upbringing. They are not used to stay in one place; they kept on transferring and wandering -the distinct characteristics of nomadic tribe. They are the descendants of the tribes from the Islas de los Ladrones (Island of Thieves), the pirate’s haven where Magellan’s landing boat was stolen. They do not practice developing a site for sustainable living but relying heavily on the nature’s bounty and providence instead.

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