Tuesday, July 1, 2008

And She Got the Major Prize!

My attention was caught in a noon TV show, “Wowowee” yesterday. The contestant was made to choose between “pera” or “bayong” (cash or bag). She chooses ‘bayong’!! And this spells her future, the grand prize or the peanut?


Wowowee is a variety or game show by ABS-CBN hosted by Willie Revillame and his beautiful co-hosts Mariel Rodriguez, Valerie Concepcion, Pokwang, RR Enriquez, and sexy dancers such as Luningning, Milagring, and Mariposa . . . uhmm!, make your choice. The said noontime show is aired worldwide known as “The Filipino Channel” and has been a source of entertainment by many Pinoys, here and abroad.


The final portion of the program is the “Pera o Bayong.” It is where the participants are queuing a long line, rain or shine, just to be accommodated with the popular game show. Lucky-admitted-contestant sometimes relayed that their long wait are untold sacrifices to the extent of skipping food intake so as not to lose their chances. From among the group of 50 contestants, only one will be selected through a series of elimination rounds. The lucky one will be awarded a 10,000-peso cash and a chance to pick the right bag with the cherished prize.


Mhay Pelito is one of them and she overcame the obstacles before reaching the main part where she has to select one bag out of ten bags marked with different flower names. She was crying as she pointed the “bayong” marked “Rosal”. In this selection process, one is to exercise the feel, the luck which will dispel the fortune of the player. You might select one that may contain only joke prize such as one piece of peanut or a toothpick! This is where the host, Willie, make a bargaining bid of a certain amount in exchange for the bag of unknown contents. He will make some perplexing actuations or cite disapproving or baffling words to make the contestant confuse which of the option to select. He will raise some personal interviews in the middle of the bargain to distract the concentration of the player. In the case of Mhay, he asked her source of income, her parent works and personal status. Mhay disclosed that she is an unwed-twenty-one-year-old-mother and have a newly baptized son in her care –she sobbed as she continued. She was not able to continue her schooling and was heavily in debt. Actually she said she only borrowed an exact amount to pay for transportation in going to the TV studio. They don’t have enough for subsistence and her son’s father left her to escape responsibilities. Others made these insinuations to gain some sort of pity or sympathetic clue. And I understand Willie made a certain leniency in offering a big amount at the start of the bargain.


Willie bid right away with 100,000 pesos and urge Mhay to choose “Pera” or “Bayong”? Tempted of such an amount, Mhay chose the cash. Willie was disgusted. It was understood that he really want to help Mhay, but she was uncooperative. He repeated many times the bid to the extent of asking the audience which one they preferred for Mhay. They shouted: “Bayong!!” It was only then that Mhay changed her mind and said “Bayong” instead. Willie made another offer of 2, 3, and 400,000 without repeating each offer to make Mhay believe he really meant to give the million prize. “500,000 pesos, “Pera O Bayong?” as Willie tendered again. This time Mhay faltered and said ‘pera na!’


Willie was dumbfounded. He is bent on giving the prize as can be deduced from his body language. He knew that Mhay made a right choice when she picked the bag with “Rosal” marking. It was the grandest prize out of three grand prizes hidden in the ten bags or “bayong.” It is, likewise, clear that ABS-CBN will give away the grand prize to prop up its popularity rating. The hosting channel needs to grab the news to divert the attention of the viewing public as the rival channel has been reaping the viewers’ preference brought about by Manny Pacquiao’s outstanding performance as the new lightweight boxing champion of the world.


Willie repeated the offer for the nth time and once again made reference with the audience who approvingly shouted for ‘bayong.’ Mhay thought deeply and paused for a while. And clearly with confusing mind opted for the bag. Immediately, Willie urged her to repeat her choice and loudly; then said: ”Isigaw mo!” Mhay shouted “Bayong!” And at that instant, Willie open the hidden portion of the content…, it’s one million pesos, one house and lot, and a brand new car!!! And she got the major prize.

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