Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Man-Made Global Warming Commerce of IPCC

Carbon industry remains to be the important agenda of UN Environment Programme. The hysteria created by its Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) through its concocted man-made global warming has been spreading throughout the whole world. The United Nations allowed itself to be used as an implementing body towards attaining the business interest of carbon trading groups in the guise of mitigating the insurmountable global warming cycle of the universe.


IPCC always make it a point of associating global warming with the scare of increasing temperature up to 2 degrees Celcius –enough to send a frightening effect on humans- loss of species, diminishing coral reefs, rising sea level, intense hurricanes, famines and droughts, and other forms of catastrophic impact on living things. All these alarming holocausts to scare the populace have been given prominence in Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” which the UN gave so much accolade and recognition by presenting the author with a novel peace prize. These alarms have been dispersed to all member-nations so that they will adhere to the required binding caps and restrictions of carbon emission in the pretext of lessening the greenhouse effect that contribute to warming. They portray the exaggerated scientific evidences to present an authoritative assessment for the member-nations to follow. They claimed that the global atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide increased since the year 1750, the start of industrial revolution. But they did not realize that the increase was the result of gradual warming over the past 400 years after the Little Ice Age. It is the increasing temperature, such as burning, that carbon dioxide is extracted and tends to mix with the atmosphere. It is the warming –that comes first- that increases the amount of Co2. It is not carbon dioxide that causes warming. This is a straightforward reasoning and it seems IPCC refused to understand. Granting that warming is the effect of greenhouse gases, it should be water vapour as the greater factor. Water vapour made up the 65% of greenhouse gases while carbon dioxide is associated with methane, ozone, nitrous oxide, and other groups of fluorinated gases that comprised the 35%. How will Co2 contribute to global warming? Furthermore, greenhouse gases are the tiny 1% of earth’s atmosphere and the 99% are composed of nitrogen and oxygen. (I recommend further reading of my previous article: “Carbon Myth: Truth Thru Repetition.”)


IPCC disregarded the powerful solar energy emitted by the sun which dictates the activities of the earth. Why can they not accept the practicality that the sun is our life; the source of the warm period of daylight and the coolness of night life; or as virtually as the reason why the early morning flower blooms and the closing of its petals in the dark. Why bark on carbon dioxide when it is one of what we needed most?


Take the findings of Stephen Wilde of Co2Sceptic in his article, “The Death Blow to Anthropogenic Global Warming” where he observed that IPCC systematically excluded the solar irradiance contributed by the sun. It tends to show that IPCC only considered the period of inactive solar cycle where the total solar irradiance (TSI) was in its minimum prior to the year of 1961. In this year up to 2001, the TSI was constant –no increase or decrease of earth warming. However, as Mr. Wilde further revealed, that the positive (warming) Pacific Decadal Oscillation driven by the sun through “oceanic cycles” contributes to rising temperature variations as well as the concentration of Co2 in the atmosphere. IPCC quickly concluded that the intensity of Co2 drives the global warming.


These climate scenarios of IPCC are all deceptions. The claim of peer reviews and consensus were made by scientists with questionable motives and afraid that if they will not support the IPCC legerdemain, they will all lost their incentives and grants as what James Hansen is doing in distorting and manipulating the NASA records.


The United States, knowing the facts behind climate change, do not support the IPCC conspiracy of global warming. Only recently, in the US Senate, the Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Bill suffered a devastating defeat in the hands of informed senators led by James Inhofe. Only the world’s uncertain economies support the IPCC concoction while US, China, and India -considered as the richest and well-developed economies- were not amenable to IPCC weak and stammering ploy.


Consider the report of Paris-based International Energy Agency, calling for an investment of $45 trillion to halve the greenhouse gases by the year 2050. This will need the establishment of more nuclear power plants, more wind or solar power plants, and any other alternative source of energy. All for the illusory challenge of cutting a tiny carbon dioxide, they considered culprit, when water vapour comprises the bulk of greenhouse gases –they must cut water vapour instead of Co2 to effectively halve the greenhouse gases and exterminate all forms of life. Imagine the gargantuan business motives of IPCC if it succeeds in sowing anthropogenic global warming fear. And these again are accompanied by threats of famine, drought, and annihilation of living things if we failed to heed their horrendous and stupid proposition.


IPCC corporation, disguised as environmental protector, is keeping it up with its global warming schemes. I wonder why a fraud of great multitude and associated with a threat/scare of catastrophic events still persist today.

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