Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hansen Not CEO's for Crimes Against Nature

Dr. James Hansen, Director of Goddard Institute for Space Studies associated with NASA, is threatening the Chief Executive Officers of companies producing fossil-fuel based energy. He is censoring these CEO’s who are talking against anthropogenic global warming and insinuating that they be “tried for high crimes against humanity and nature.”


Why is Hansen too eager and far more harsher than anyone in the campaign for man-made global warming? He is not only good in sowing fears but employing harassment tactics to the extent of bringing those who are criticizing his warming concoction in court. Anyone is entitled to bring out an opinion and the freedom of expression is guaranteed by the democratic institutions. He is being offended and easily irritated when others are telling him that what he avers or advocates are false. He considered himself as the authority and dismisses others’ as unfounded presumptions. This man is a sci-fi prophet who thinks his words are the future.


It is suggested that these CEO’s should file a petition urging that Hansen be reprimanded, or in a sterner way, be discharged from NASA. He should be the one to be tried for crimes against nature and the people of the earth for the flawed and distorted data he is releasing from NASA. He has caused too much anxieties and scientific deprivation by preventing others in presenting the facts and realities of nature. He has sinned against humanities for harassing carbon dioxide! He has prevented the flow of nature’s given graces! He has caused the mitigation of carbon dioxide, the life giving source of plants and other living species. He caused the disruptions of the function of greenhouse gases to warm the chilling inhabitants of the earth! And he disobeyed the will of nature!


In view of the foregoing crimes against humanities and nature –Hansen edict it himself- together with his cohorts, they should be brought to the court of planet earth to extract from them the climate truth, to unveil their true colors, and to prevent them from using NASA facilities for personal gains.

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