Monday, June 23, 2008

Global Warming Color Shows Off

Top business executives now lead the global warming campaign. The script writer cannot stay long behind the scene. The plot should be untied and the denouement has to be revealed. The proponent of the greatest science fiction, as magnified by Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” to instil fear and frightening effect, are now showing its true intentions.


The Chief Executive Officers of the world’s leading business conglomerates are now calling the leaders of the Group of Eight industrialized countries to ensure that market oriented frameworks are in place. G8 member nations will be meeting in Japan this July in preparation of the 2009 Copenhagen conference to discuss the framework of a new global warming accord sponsored by the UN Environment Programme. UN Inter-government Panel on Climate Change Kyoto Protocol is nearing expiration in 2012 and a new global climate change treaty is being worked out to effectively put in an outline the economic programs of participating governments.


World Economic Forum Executives such as those from the businesses of Alcoa, Applied Materials, AIG, Basic Elements, British Airways, Deutsche Bank, Duke Energy, EDF, Eskom, Petrobras, RusHydro, Shell, Telstra, Tepco, TNT and Vattenfall; as appearing in Reuters June 2l issue stated that: “The new framework must be comprehensive, long-term and market-oriented for it to be environmentally effective and economically efficient.” They wanted to make sure that their targets for international emission trading markets must be included in the campaign cover of halving carbon dioxide emission by 2050. As I have mentioned in my previous post, “The Man-made Global Warming Commerce of IPCC,” the Paris-based International Energy Agency reported that the world needs $45 trillion to build nuclear power plants, wind power, solar power , other sources of renewable energy and commercialization of energy technologies. All these are purposely planned in the guise of global warming scare.


With the move of the Group of Eight being prodded by the world’s top company executives, the gaps existing between the rich and poor nations will be enhanced further. Poor countries which have limited access to a high energy technologies will be left behind as the developed nations will be scrambling in the harvest of what they planted in the global warming stratagem.


These poor generations will never know the truth behind this anthropogenic global warming concoction. They will not be here century from now. But the giant establishments which are actually behind this programmed scheme will remain in the arena knocking-out all its adversaries and triumphantly waltzing.

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