Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Worsening World Food Crisis

With the rising prices of the rice staple and other food commodities, the world is facing hunger and starvation. An immediate solution should be made to stave off the Third World from malnutrition and unrest.


Thousand are now protesting in the streets, looting, and the worst killing. Haiti, Cameroon, Yemen, Mozambique, Senegal, and even Egypt were all experiencing violent demonstration due to food shortage. Asian countries are also in the same fate and their government are struggling to save their volatile political hold through food subsidies and other short term undertakings.


In Thailand, which is one of the world’s top exporter of rice, drought is their problem. Rice production has been affected in 55 out of 76 rice producing provinces according to its Disaster and Mitigation Department. Together with Vietnam and India, they are holding their exports and its consequences are the shortage of food supplies in other countries relying from their produce. The Philippines, which will be directly affected as well as Afghanistan, are trying to cope up with imports from the United States.


Per AFP report, UK is also worried of the food crisis and is now prodding the “UN food agency to develop a plan to tackle rising global food prices.” From all indications, world’s food order is in danger.


With these predicaments, where is the world leading now? This is far worst condition than the man-made global warming the UN is now frantically campaigning.

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