Sunday, April 20, 2008

Kristen Byrnes of Ponder the Maunder

Truth has a way of coming out. It always finds its route in whatever manner, overcoming all odds along the way, and despising insurmountable woes in its path.


Take the case of Kristen Byrnes. She studied and made a meaningful research on the science of global warming. Wary of the evidence presented and doubtful of the conclusions made by faceless scientists always mentioned by UN-IPCC reports, she made her own way to discover the distorted data and facts causing climate change. She availed of the assistance of Anthony Watts web site at who have made photographs of 500 Climate Network Stations in US historic locations and found out that 85% violated the rules for locating temperature measuring stations.


Byrnes criticized Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth.” She viewed the film six times and concluded that Gore misinterpreted the whole science and warned that it should not be shown in schools so children will not be mislead of global warming business.


She scrutinized the life of Dr. James Hansen, NASA-GISS Director and a partner of Al Gore, and she noted these discouraging facts: Hansen seduced, exaggerated, and alarmed the public; and profited a quarter of a million dollars interpreting NASA data to suit the needs of his political friends.


She wrote US Senator James Inhofe, a ranking member of US Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, to make him known her personal motivations of informing the public of the truth of global warming scam. And she got a response from the concerned senator who said that he will support her in her undertakings. The senator even prodded her to continue her work.


Kristen Byrnes is a l6 year-old girl from Maine, USA. Through the assistance of her stepfather, Mike Byrnes, she established a website, the “Ponder the Maunder.” The high quality content of her essay-article made her site an instant hit.


I came across with her site at NPR thru on April l6, 2008. Searched back the day after and found out the following:


“Sorry...Page Temporarily Unavailable The Web page or file that you requested is temporarily unavailable. It has been so popular this month that it exceeded its free monthly traffic allotment. Access to this Web site will be restored on the first of next month. Please come back then. Thank you for your visit! If you are the owner of the Web site in question, please refer to your Community Web Space Terms and Conditions under Web Site Size and Space Limitations for more information.”


Byrnes’ website server warned her of the “huge hits” and I was disappointed to know more about her. I searched again the next day and the traffic to her site was redirected to where the “Ponder the Maunder” was marked as a new associate editor.


She is now appealing for everyone to e-mail or write James Hansen in order to correct his misdeeds and make amends of the bias he has made on global temperature measurements. And it should be sent through NASA Administrator Michael Griffin and Deputy Administrator Shana Dale –Ms. Dale is in-charge of NASA Policy Direction.


K. Byrnes’ “Ponder the Maunder” is a must-visit site. Make a hit before it disappears. AGW alarmists and advocates are on the look-out ready to swallow it to oblivion.

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