Friday, April 18, 2008

Bushed Not Sold to AGW Jingle

Bushed is not convinced to man-made global warming. He tried to sing but his is always out of tune.


In a speech delivered by US President George W. Bush in Washington last Wednesday, he only called for a mere commitment to stop greenhouse gas emission. Without the usual pitch of highness and lowness he set the target of such emission by 2025 –UN-IPCC Kyoto Protocol binds emission cuts by 50-85% by the year 2050 based on 2000 levels. There is no guiding step to dance the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) jingle. But copies of the song was already on display at Bali Kyoto Protocol since December 2007!


Yes, Bushed is not specifically amenable with the causes of global warming, based on his actuations. Due perhaps with the advices of the two James, Chances and Hopeful. President Bush might have sided with Senator James Inhope. Might be thinking Hopeful is the better guy who understand climate change with all the machineries at their disposal, he being a ranking member of the US Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. While Dr. James E. Hansen, NASA-GISS Director, is a partner of Algore, the proponent of AGW, –did I heard he was financed with 60 minute tv program and was again rampaging on his global warming hoax and further spending $800 million for promoting awareness to his carbonated global warming- and a recipient of quite a number of grants from sponsors of global warming and carbon trading entities.


US, with its advance technology and with a large pool of men and women dedicated to the advancement of science and research supporting the uplift and welfare of humanity, are not fully convinced with the idea that carbon-dioxide-emission-made-by-man directly contributes to greenhouse gases that effect climate change and earth’s warming. It is a known facts that greenhouse gases –which are composed mainly of 70% water vapour and 30% mixture of the group of fluorinated gases, methane, ozone, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide- is only one percent of the earth’s atmosphere, hence, cannot effect a significant warming. It was claimed that the year l700 is the Period of Industrial Revolution that high concentration of carbon dioxide were noted in the atmosphere, yet it is the period when the earth experienced the “Little Ice Age” and culminated by the year 1850.


With those in mind and with the keen perceptions of nature , US was not easily instigated to lead that industrialized countries should bear the brunt of mitigating carbon emission. They just swayed with the winds, selectively flowed with the current, and occasionally warded off the insinuations being thrust to her side by the UN partners of AGW. Representatives of the group of biggest polluters were almost personally irritated when the highly industrialized economies led by the US did not commit with the mandatory target after 2012 Kyoto Protocol.


With Mr. Bushed singing another tune with different tenor, dancing the waltz with the sound of rocks, and sometimes swinging with hip hop music; I really do not know where AGW legerdemain is actually leading.

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