Friday, March 28, 2008

Wilkins Ice Shelf Collapse Not A Global Warming Cause

About 160 sq. miles of Wilkins Ice Shelf is disintegrated. It was right away concluded and believed to be the result of global warming. (This an AP report on March 27, 2008.)

But this is an annoying and embarrassing situation on my part. I have just posted an article “The Failed Global Warming Hypothesis” on March 25, the same date the said shelf collapsed. I reiterated on that article that it was not anthropogenic global warming but a natural cycle causing this climate change. I stressed further, that warming had stopped and IPCC should apologize for their misdeeds. Comes now the AP report that NASA satellite noticed the collapsed shelf was like a “hardened glass” that broke when hammered.

It caused me uneasiness and the issue keeps on pestering me the previous days.

At last a brilliant reasoning build up in my head… . If the disintegration of the Wilkins Ice Shelf was like a hammered broken glass, then the sharp ice-edge appearance of the shelf could have broken abruptly and the climate change issue is alien to the situation. When there is warming –as it is actually a summer season on that part of the earth- the ice will be melting gradually. The fine ice-edge will disappear immediately and the rounded edge deformation will be noticeable, but this is not the case of the Shelf likened to a sharp edge of a broken hardened glass. And this melting will not be limited on a certain area. The disintegrated portion is only 3.33% of the 4,800 sq. mile-area of the Wilkins Ice Shelf. If global warming is the issue here, it should be the whole Antarctic continent that will be melting and not so sudden that living things were not given a chance to adapt to the changing environment.

But the hasty breaking-out of Wilkins Shelf could not have happened if there was no causal factor that could have made it! Suffice it to say that warm sea-water current –and not the global warming issue, I repeat- from the Pacific Ocean or the equatorial current is ripping in the depth of the Antarctic continent and tore apart the Wilkins Ice Shelf. You might have experienced as well the strange mixture of warm and cold water near the mouth of the river. This is when the warm salt water from the sea mixed with the cold fresh water from the spring. And this explains the tearing off of the said shelf.

I believe in the long range cycle of alternating warm and cold climate. We are on the warming path. The great volume of snowfalls in the northern lands and the recovery of the polar icecap are just an intervening period of a natural phenomena. The long and gradual cycle of warming is actually happening. I am not concerned from which authority I’m speaking of but this is what we are experiencing today.

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