Thursday, March 6, 2008


Opposition groups had been employing all forms of shows and weird techniques to stress their campaign of power grabbing from the present dispensation. It is disgusting to see the children, age 7 to ll years old, being paraded bearing placards of Gloria Arroyo's ouster. They lined up the children -with the pretext of cultural presentations, marching with a coconut shell tambourine to produce a clucking noise barrage- portraying that these children are aware of the issues and shortcomings of the Arroyo administration. They are exposing the children to all sorts of danger and maltreatment. They are using our offspring to express their hatred and jealousy to those in power. Children should be placed in a secured surroundings being cared and nurtured for a worthwhile upbringing and not exploiting them for political gains. It is our responsibility to prepare the world for them and not the young ones to harp with. These parents or exploiters should be reminded of the Children's Bill of Rights. Children should not be exposed to hazards, trauma, or other emotional environment that will impede their health, growth, and educational development. Children are decorative angels at home and should be laid in the pedestal of glamorous adoration of family altar. Proper health, care, and protection should be the immediate concern of these erring groups instead of displaying the children to increased risk or harm that may result from the skirmishes of opposing groups. Our youngster, by nature, are uniquely dependent on the will and initiative of the parents. The supervision or direction from their responsible adults should be the greatest emphasis of a well-meaning society. They should be well-guided in their delicate search as human being, defining the future of their existence. Although children should be provided the right to freedom of thought, opinion, expression, conscience, and religion; it should not be inculcated in their young minds such malpractices that will lead to hatred, division, discrimination, anxiety, and failed expectations of being adult. It is at the age of 14 to 18 years old that they maybe taught of the rigors of adulthood. Children are the greatest gift of God to the responsible parenthood and the child upbringing is our prime and foremost duty and the cause why we are living.

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