Saturday, March 1, 2008


With the on-going winter, it is quite hard to believe that there is an on-going global warming cycle. Records show, in the countries near the northern hemisphere, that this is the coldest winter they have been experiencing in the last decades. Even Iraq and other countries in the Middle East experienced ice fall...unusual in one hundred years. How can a man on the street be convinced that there is an on-going global warming, particularly, those on the desert when they are now shivering.

The polar icecap is backed. The volumes and thickness it now accumulates are thrice the measure of its capacity compared to the previous seasons in the decades. The retreating polar bears photographed during summer, particularly, the picture of a polar bear leaving the Arctic Sea and its two little cubs searching for food but perished.... and was attributed to man-made global warming -this was shown in a television program of Oprah relative to the filming of "Planet Earth" produced by Johnny Keeling, Vanessa Berlowitz, and H. Cordey- have just returned in the periphery of Spitzbergen and Greenland. The skiers are now gliding glamorously and enjoying the snow at Williams Field Skiway in Ross Ice Shelf near McMurdo Station. The vast oceans and seas are now retreating and exposing the low lying lands and islets previosuly cited as alleged sinking or being swallowed by the sea. The hysteria of harping on carbon dioxide emission and man-made global warming are muted as a lonely chirping bird abandoned in a denuded vast forest. The sea and ocean basins are now in a decreasing level and the waters are becoming more salinated as fresh waters continuously evaporate, sublimate, and solidify to form the increasing ice cover of the Arctic Sea. Major temperature tracking device, researchers said, recorded a decrease of 0.70 degree centigrade temperature in January , this year, and shaded all the warming records in the past l00 years in just l2 months. 

 This tend to erode the man-made global warming theory the United Nations' IPCC has been barking and politicians are now beginning to think of a new man-made global cooling period. The global warming alarmists are now shifting to a more cordial words of climate change to evade the sensational attributes they had crafted. The scare of holocaust and catastrophes they instilled and pervaded in the minds of the people are now ebbing. Their campaign to cut carbon emission are now declining and the contentions of anthropogenic global warming seems to be easing and mitigating. Although the current cold spell that permeates throughout our earth are quite convincing of the diminishing effect of global warming, it is only an alternating periods of mild and severe climate change in the gradual rhythms of warming the earth which began decades of years ago and shall be culminating by the year 2020.

 And these are all attributable to the activities of the sun where the solar flares and eruptions of sunspots dictate the climate of the universe. Earth heating and cooling is a natural cycle. Human is a tiny thing in the universe so as to cause global warming.

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