Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sunspots And Solar Flares Returned: Expect Warmer Temperature

Global warming will remain a puzzle to this generation. A perpetual and perplexing scenarios will be created. The debate is not yet over and the continuing issues of climate change will remain fluttering in the air. I’ve been expounding my belief on the side of skeptics that the warming temperature is dictated by the sun and not the carbon emission made by man.


Just recently, David Hathaway, NASA Solar Physicist, reported that: “This week, three big sunspots appeared and they are old cycle spots…. We have two solar cycles in progress at the same time. Solar Cycle 24 has begun (the first new cycle spot appeared in January 2008), but Solar Cycle 23 has not ended.”


NASA Headline Report continued: “We could get more of this kind of activity in the next 7 to 10 days. It will take about that long for the sunspots to cross the face of the sun. The sun's rotation is turning the spots toward Earth, which means the next CME, if there is one, might not miss. CME strikes do no physical harm to Earth but they can cause Northern Lights, satellite glitches and, in extreme cases, power outages.”


With this development, warmer temperature can be expected in the near future. The increase in solar radiation and the positive forcing energy provided by the sun will be the contributing factor in the global warming cycle we are experiencing today. And when the solar maximum, which occur every 10 to 12 years, return… expect more of sparkling global development.


But Hathaway further said: “Solar Cycle 24 has begun, but we won't be through solar minimum until the number of Cycle 24 spots rises above the declining number of Cycle 23 spots." Based on this latest spate of "old" activity, he thinks the next Solar Max probably won't arrive until 2012.”


So we have at least four more years to enjoy the mild and not so warm temperature conducive to human existence that Mother Nature is continuously providing us.


Laibeus Lord said...

Interesting. 2012? That will only add to the flaming "2012 End of the World" scenario or the "2012 New/Aquarian Age" scenario.

Rmagin said...

Thanks laibeus lord,

This is Hathaway's words and it does not mean Solar Maximum is the end. But I prefer the New Age which involves the mind, body, and spirit.