Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Human is powerful enough to cause global warming! This is the hypothesis pushed through by UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). It was further assumed that the higher emission of carbon dioxide increases the greenhouse effect and constitute anthropogenic global warming (AGW). With the help of the parties that directly benefited with this assumption, IPCC made it compulsory to the international community to limit carbon dioxide emission up to 50 per cent by the year 2020. This resulted to an added burden to the poor by shifting to an expensive power generating source. It is deemed a shackle to be inherited by our offspring. Why did they have the wit to impose this harsh and self-serving solution? The direct answer was that they knew they will be gone and we will not see the stupidity this generation have done. We will not know which are true or false as it will take hundreds or thousands of years the nature cycle can be felt or seen. Global warming or global cooling is a natural cycle. It is a natural phenomenon to give living things a time to hibernate and refresh from a complicated stages of existence. Human can do nothing with this intangible thing. Human cannot control the heat energy provided by the sun. It is the nature’s way to sustain life on earth. Anthropogenic global warming is a lapse of thinking. It is just a hallucination that human is a supernatural being able to effect changes such as global warming. But this rude scenario was used by politicians to push their coarse and self-enriching objectives. And what are we experiencing these days? They surmised that Co2 emission increased to an alarming level since 1970. The horror of rising sea level and catastrophes press releases flooded the corrupted media. We have to stop sending carbon dioxide to the atmosphere –as the announcement goes. We have to mitigate global warming. UN Synthesis Climate Report in Bali, Indonesia, Dec. 4, 2007, stated: “Warming of climate system is unequivocal” and IPCC have spoken: “Push the final tipping point from awareness to action.” ….And what do we have now? The one hundred years of melting the Arctic icecap has fully recovered in just one year. January and February of this year are the coolest in a decade or hundred years. And there is no other proof that global warming had stopped than the flooding of snows almost everywhere including the deserts that is being experienced these days. To demonstrate a disgusted feeling with AGW, an observant and unregistered commentator at Seattlepi.nwsource.com stated as follow: “I was there and witnessed it all, warned about a upcoming ice age because of trapped greenhouse gas blamed on cars. So we changed the system and bought smaller cars, reduced waste. Then it was the depletion of the ozone layer and we had to cut HFC/CFC and Freon because that was causing the hole in the ozone layer and cooling the earth. All lies and WE DID IT.” Why is the system of our government, particularly, the United Nations allowed itself to be used by a few group to advance their interest and greed? We understand that UN was organized for the welfare of humanity and serves as a shield from abuse of dominant and agitating party. Or it is made up of less principled people that they let themselves to be manipulated in exchange of personal benefits. Now, realizing what they have done was a big mistake, they are still hesitant to face the people and make amends of their misdeeds. They just, instead, made excuses for just reviewing the flaws of recorded warming temperature. These defective records , such as computer models, were submitted by paid scientists bloated not only to certain extent of enlargement but bigger to justify their purpose. What they should do is to make a public apology for the damages done to the economies of poor nations. They have to announce a sorry note to other scientists or individuals which were resented and unfairly treated. And to pay the damages for the indignations and besmirched reputations they have inflicted. As the saying goes, admission of guilt should be vindicated by remuneration. Damages can only be restored with a cost.

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