Monday, March 31, 2008

Earth Hour: Just For Show And Enticement

Millions participated in Earth Hour’s light switching off. Many Filipinos and world communities joined without knowing its real score and the hidden agenda behind this global enticement.


I believe that the universe is on the cycle of warming. It is not only earth but also mars and other planets are experiencing a warmer environment. Satellites observations beamed to earth show the same situations. Only recently NASA Satellite dispatched a photograph of mars sending an avalanche of voluminous ice on its mountain side. This a clear evidence of warming climate on that part of the universe. And there is no carbon dioxide in mars neither greenhouse gases to sustain life!


Anthropogenic global warming is a science fiction everybody must understand. There is warming, but it cannot be caused by carbon dioxide emission made by man. It is the sun that directs the climate activities not only in this part of our globe but the whole universe as well. There is no living things in mars yet it is warming, hence, it can only be attributed to the sun as it sends the solar energy throughout the galaxy.


The land surface of the earth is only 29% and the rest is water. The world population is 6.6 billions as of September, 2007, and assuming nine people occupy one square meter area of the earth; the area occupied by human is only 0.14% of the approximate earth surface area of 500 million sq. kilometers. With the tiny space being occupied by human, granting that they pollute one percent area of earth, it will not suffice to effect a considerable global warming.


This man-made- emission- caused warming is a very remote idea that human is being fed and now preoccupied with. The proponents of this idea always talk of overwhelming scientific consensus about global warming. But the “hockey-stick” graph used by UN-IPCC had falsely discounted the record of medieval warm period and arrived with bloated warming temperature assessment which they forced to swallow and be part of the belief of the duped and bribed delegates. Alarmist will always use all forms of deception to get what they wanted. They may even sell their souls to amass power and wealth. They have used it in politic; they will use it for economics; and they will not stopped for greed.


So many people are being made to believe this global warming hoax. How can they be saved from the rapacity of the few and are taking advantage of their ignorance?


Of course, we have an obligation to protect and care for our environment. We love our Earth. It is our duty to excite consciousness of our surroundings. But it should not be with the liars prodding and with intimidation of alarming catastrophes and holocaust to force their will of greed.

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