Monday, March 3, 2008

David Archuleta? Me Too!

(A pause from my post. 'just can't let the moment to escape on my pen when I saw the boy from my tv screen.) David Archuleta rose from the rank, took the lead pack, and hauled the-getting-boring American Idol tv program back to the front page of live entertainment together with a new group of talented performers being coined "the best of the season." He really outshone them all in the rendition of John Lennon's "Imagine", a self-styled and astounding version that Lennon himself might screamed with the jury and the fans. With that rendition, all the three judges: Randy, Paula, and Simon; said the contest is over since the start of the Season 7. All the praises were spoken of David Archuleta: Paula Abdul's comment of wanting a miniature David dangled from her rear-view mirror for her to glance with; girls swooning at the sight of him; parents want him to be her son-in-law; best of the nights; mature sound; big heart; and what else? ...when he smiles he can draw audience in awe and full of admirations; and he is too perfect for words. For the girls, I will bet for Ramiele Malubay. She's just a cute little girl with a shy look but with strikingly beautiful voice on the stage and, especially, she belongs to our tribe. She is astonishing and magnificent pearl that Pinoys will cherish all the time.

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