Monday, March 31, 2008

Earth Hour: Just For Show And Enticement

Millions participated in Earth Hour’s light switching off. Many Filipinos and world communities joined without knowing its real score and the hidden agenda behind this global enticement.


I believe that the universe is on the cycle of warming. It is not only earth but also mars and other planets are experiencing a warmer environment. Satellites observations beamed to earth show the same situations. Only recently NASA Satellite dispatched a photograph of mars sending an avalanche of voluminous ice on its mountain side. This a clear evidence of warming climate on that part of the universe. And there is no carbon dioxide in mars neither greenhouse gases to sustain life!


Anthropogenic global warming is a science fiction everybody must understand. There is warming, but it cannot be caused by carbon dioxide emission made by man. It is the sun that directs the climate activities not only in this part of our globe but the whole universe as well. There is no living things in mars yet it is warming, hence, it can only be attributed to the sun as it sends the solar energy throughout the galaxy.


The land surface of the earth is only 29% and the rest is water. The world population is 6.6 billions as of September, 2007, and assuming nine people occupy one square meter area of the earth; the area occupied by human is only 0.14% of the approximate earth surface area of 500 million sq. kilometers. With the tiny space being occupied by human, granting that they pollute one percent area of earth, it will not suffice to effect a considerable global warming.


This man-made- emission- caused warming is a very remote idea that human is being fed and now preoccupied with. The proponents of this idea always talk of overwhelming scientific consensus about global warming. But the “hockey-stick” graph used by UN-IPCC had falsely discounted the record of medieval warm period and arrived with bloated warming temperature assessment which they forced to swallow and be part of the belief of the duped and bribed delegates. Alarmist will always use all forms of deception to get what they wanted. They may even sell their souls to amass power and wealth. They have used it in politic; they will use it for economics; and they will not stopped for greed.


So many people are being made to believe this global warming hoax. How can they be saved from the rapacity of the few and are taking advantage of their ignorance?


Of course, we have an obligation to protect and care for our environment. We love our Earth. It is our duty to excite consciousness of our surroundings. But it should not be with the liars prodding and with intimidation of alarming catastrophes and holocaust to force their will of greed.

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sunspots And Solar Flares Returned: Expect Warmer Temperature

Global warming will remain a puzzle to this generation. A perpetual and perplexing scenarios will be created. The debate is not yet over and the continuing issues of climate change will remain fluttering in the air. I’ve been expounding my belief on the side of skeptics that the warming temperature is dictated by the sun and not the carbon emission made by man.


Just recently, David Hathaway, NASA Solar Physicist, reported that: “This week, three big sunspots appeared and they are old cycle spots…. We have two solar cycles in progress at the same time. Solar Cycle 24 has begun (the first new cycle spot appeared in January 2008), but Solar Cycle 23 has not ended.”


NASA Headline Report continued: “We could get more of this kind of activity in the next 7 to 10 days. It will take about that long for the sunspots to cross the face of the sun. The sun's rotation is turning the spots toward Earth, which means the next CME, if there is one, might not miss. CME strikes do no physical harm to Earth but they can cause Northern Lights, satellite glitches and, in extreme cases, power outages.”


With this development, warmer temperature can be expected in the near future. The increase in solar radiation and the positive forcing energy provided by the sun will be the contributing factor in the global warming cycle we are experiencing today. And when the solar maximum, which occur every 10 to 12 years, return… expect more of sparkling global development.


But Hathaway further said: “Solar Cycle 24 has begun, but we won't be through solar minimum until the number of Cycle 24 spots rises above the declining number of Cycle 23 spots." Based on this latest spate of "old" activity, he thinks the next Solar Max probably won't arrive until 2012.”


So we have at least four more years to enjoy the mild and not so warm temperature conducive to human existence that Mother Nature is continuously providing us.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Wilkins Ice Shelf Collapse Not A Global Warming Cause

About 160 sq. miles of Wilkins Ice Shelf is disintegrated. It was right away concluded and believed to be the result of global warming. (This an AP report on March 27, 2008.)

But this is an annoying and embarrassing situation on my part. I have just posted an article “The Failed Global Warming Hypothesis” on March 25, the same date the said shelf collapsed. I reiterated on that article that it was not anthropogenic global warming but a natural cycle causing this climate change. I stressed further, that warming had stopped and IPCC should apologize for their misdeeds. Comes now the AP report that NASA satellite noticed the collapsed shelf was like a “hardened glass” that broke when hammered.

It caused me uneasiness and the issue keeps on pestering me the previous days.

At last a brilliant reasoning build up in my head… . If the disintegration of the Wilkins Ice Shelf was like a hammered broken glass, then the sharp ice-edge appearance of the shelf could have broken abruptly and the climate change issue is alien to the situation. When there is warming –as it is actually a summer season on that part of the earth- the ice will be melting gradually. The fine ice-edge will disappear immediately and the rounded edge deformation will be noticeable, but this is not the case of the Shelf likened to a sharp edge of a broken hardened glass. And this melting will not be limited on a certain area. The disintegrated portion is only 3.33% of the 4,800 sq. mile-area of the Wilkins Ice Shelf. If global warming is the issue here, it should be the whole Antarctic continent that will be melting and not so sudden that living things were not given a chance to adapt to the changing environment.

But the hasty breaking-out of Wilkins Shelf could not have happened if there was no causal factor that could have made it! Suffice it to say that warm sea-water current –and not the global warming issue, I repeat- from the Pacific Ocean or the equatorial current is ripping in the depth of the Antarctic continent and tore apart the Wilkins Ice Shelf. You might have experienced as well the strange mixture of warm and cold water near the mouth of the river. This is when the warm salt water from the sea mixed with the cold fresh water from the spring. And this explains the tearing off of the said shelf.

I believe in the long range cycle of alternating warm and cold climate. We are on the warming path. The great volume of snowfalls in the northern lands and the recovery of the polar icecap are just an intervening period of a natural phenomena. The long and gradual cycle of warming is actually happening. I am not concerned from which authority I’m speaking of but this is what we are experiencing today. Read more on this article...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Human is powerful enough to cause global warming! This is the hypothesis pushed through by UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). It was further assumed that the higher emission of carbon dioxide increases the greenhouse effect and constitute anthropogenic global warming (AGW). With the help of the parties that directly benefited with this assumption, IPCC made it compulsory to the international community to limit carbon dioxide emission up to 50 per cent by the year 2020. This resulted to an added burden to the poor by shifting to an expensive power generating source. It is deemed a shackle to be inherited by our offspring. Why did they have the wit to impose this harsh and self-serving solution? The direct answer was that they knew they will be gone and we will not see the stupidity this generation have done. We will not know which are true or false as it will take hundreds or thousands of years the nature cycle can be felt or seen. Global warming or global cooling is a natural cycle. It is a natural phenomenon to give living things a time to hibernate and refresh from a complicated stages of existence. Human can do nothing with this intangible thing. Human cannot control the heat energy provided by the sun. It is the nature’s way to sustain life on earth. Anthropogenic global warming is a lapse of thinking. It is just a hallucination that human is a supernatural being able to effect changes such as global warming. But this rude scenario was used by politicians to push their coarse and self-enriching objectives. And what are we experiencing these days? They surmised that Co2 emission increased to an alarming level since 1970. The horror of rising sea level and catastrophes press releases flooded the corrupted media. We have to stop sending carbon dioxide to the atmosphere –as the announcement goes. We have to mitigate global warming. UN Synthesis Climate Report in Bali, Indonesia, Dec. 4, 2007, stated: “Warming of climate system is unequivocal” and IPCC have spoken: “Push the final tipping point from awareness to action.” ….And what do we have now? The one hundred years of melting the Arctic icecap has fully recovered in just one year. January and February of this year are the coolest in a decade or hundred years. And there is no other proof that global warming had stopped than the flooding of snows almost everywhere including the deserts that is being experienced these days. To demonstrate a disgusted feeling with AGW, an observant and unregistered commentator at stated as follow: “I was there and witnessed it all, warned about a upcoming ice age because of trapped greenhouse gas blamed on cars. So we changed the system and bought smaller cars, reduced waste. Then it was the depletion of the ozone layer and we had to cut HFC/CFC and Freon because that was causing the hole in the ozone layer and cooling the earth. All lies and WE DID IT.” Why is the system of our government, particularly, the United Nations allowed itself to be used by a few group to advance their interest and greed? We understand that UN was organized for the welfare of humanity and serves as a shield from abuse of dominant and agitating party. Or it is made up of less principled people that they let themselves to be manipulated in exchange of personal benefits. Now, realizing what they have done was a big mistake, they are still hesitant to face the people and make amends of their misdeeds. They just, instead, made excuses for just reviewing the flaws of recorded warming temperature. These defective records , such as computer models, were submitted by paid scientists bloated not only to certain extent of enlargement but bigger to justify their purpose. What they should do is to make a public apology for the damages done to the economies of poor nations. They have to announce a sorry note to other scientists or individuals which were resented and unfairly treated. And to pay the damages for the indignations and besmirched reputations they have inflicted. As the saying goes, admission of guilt should be vindicated by remuneration. Damages can only be restored with a cost. Read more on this article...

Monday, March 17, 2008

SPRATLY: This Land Is Mine

Spratly Islands are rich in oil and gas deposits. The latest estimates in press releases is that, it has more or less l8 billion tons of oil reserves greater than Kuwait which has 13 billion tons. Its ownership is being contested by China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, and Taiwan.
The group of Islands of Spratly consist of islets, lagoon, and reefs. Other islets disappeared during high tide. It is a known sanctuary of birds species and endangered amphibious reptiles, particularly, sea turtles -Pinoy called it "Pawikan." It is located in the Southeast Asian Region, being less than 200 miles (322 kilometers) west of the Philippines and some 500 miles (805 kilometers) east of Vietnam. All other claimant nations are too far away but insisting their sovereignty over the place.
As to geographical location, the Philippines appeared to have an edge in claiming the ownership of the islands as no other State can claim of being an "Archipelagic State." Under Article 46, Part IV of the United Nations Convention on the Laws of the Sea (UNCLOS), Archipelagic State is defined as: "A State constituted wholly by one or more archipelagos and may include other islands. Archipelago means a group of islands, including parts of islands, interconnecting waters, and other natural features ...." The Philippine Island is an archipelago, consisting of so many islands, islets, and reefs and the Kalayaan Island or Spratly are within its continental shelf.

Interest on the Islands of Spratly were heightened when the Philippines, in 1976, began to pump-out oil and natural gas through Malampaya wells in the west coast of Palawan Province. Other claimant-State began building structures in the area. These resulted to a conflicting claims and there were reports of naval clashes between Vietnam and China. The Philippines apprehended foreign fishermen encroaching in its jurisdiction. These lead to the creation of UNCLOS defining the baseline and territorial sea of every nations or coastal states.

The determination of ownership of Spratly Island was compounded by weird reasonings and refusal of other claimant-States to be bound by United Nations rules. Others cited ancient proofs why they owned the islands. They claimed that it is their fishing ground and their nationals have settled in the area. But there are foreign vessels which lost their way to Manila, stranded in the Spratly, dropped their belongings, and other perished during the early period of trading in the orient and these will explain the presence of foreign coins and other things found in the area. Granting as it may, event have changed. World Wars and warring States erased all covenants and agreements entered into by claiming States since l945. French, Dutch, British, and Japanese have all claimed and exercised sovereignty over the area but ceded to the winning States. And there were countries who just abandoned the territory without any signed agreement. Japan renounced her sovereignty over the islands in San Francisco Peace Treaty in 1951, thereby relinquishing her rights without beneficiary. This treaty came into effect on April 28, 1952, using the UN Charter extensively and officially ended World War II, (see Wikipedia). While Vietnam attended the peace treaty, China did not. Taiwan acknowledged the terms of the treaty on a separate treaty with Japan known as "The Treaty of Taipei," where Japan relinquished Formosa (Taiwan) and the Pescadores to the Republic of China or Taiwan. Spratly islands were explicitly excluded as to beneficiary of its sovereignty.

Spratly Island became idle or neglected as it cannot sustain human needs and habitations. Not until May l5, l956, when Tomas Cloma, a Filipino national, declared ownership of Spratly or the Kalayaan group of islands. He went to New York to inform the United Nations of his declarations and made it known the world over. This triggered a series of protests from prospective claimant-States to the United Nations although the move of Cloma was not yet sanctioned by the Philippine government.

In spite of the protests, Cloma proceeded with his claim as no structure or forms of ownership was found in the areas. He erected the Philippine Flag and established a community and later turned over to the Republic of the Philippines. Kalayaan Islands is now a municipality of Palawan Province where a "Parola" (Lighthouse), Smart Communication Tower, and other structures are existing.
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Thursday, March 13, 2008


In a Pinoy Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, a Broadband Network Project deal was lodged for investigation in aid of legislation. The complaint surfaced when Mr. Joel de Nagbasa (son of Pinoy House Speaker) lost in a bidding to ZTAE Corp., declaring that Comelec Amalas (a high government official) rigged the bidding and pocketed $130 million payoff from a $329 million cancelled contract. It was also alleged that the Pinoy President was involved, hence, the heightened popularity of the case. De Nagbasa named other government officials but lack of witness and insufficient evidence impeded the snail paced case. Comelec Amalas resigned his post for delicadeza and threatened to file libel charges against De Nagbasa. The senate, being dominated by oppositionist and longing to discredit and oust a duly elected president, together with religious and leftist sector; sought all means to keep the issue alive. They found a hysterical witness, Jun Lezado, claiming that he was bribed and kidnapped by government agents to prevent him from testifying; and bolstered the case. They even paraded him together with nuns and priests in what they called an interfaith rally that sent the Pinoy stock market reeling in the basement. The hearing continued and Senator Wannabeepres, a leading critic and defeated presidential candidate, sought another witness. He found Engineer Leo Miguel, a consultant of ZTAE corp. He boasted that Leo was his surprise witness -although there was a committee rule that would-be witness should submit a sworn statement of his testimony to the committee three days prior to his appearance and to protect him from self-incrimination in the event the case is submitted to the judicial court, as reminded by Senator Damatan-- that will supply the missing link and corroborate with the statements of other witness in establishing the faulty bidding. Wannabeepres met Miguel four times before the scheduled hearing, assuring him of support and protection -they being acquainted when Miguel helped him acquired Internet services for Pinoy National Police from a telephone company when Wannabeepres was the Chief of PNP-- by testifying and penned down Amalas and the president. At the hearing, Dante Bukol(an assistant of Miguel) through interrogation of Senator Johnny-no-star, testified that Miguel is a member of "Patong Group ++" who were responsible in pegging the deal. With this information, Miguel was further made a star witness on the case and opposition audience were too excited to hear from him. Wannabeepres initiated the questioning and on some occasion asking Miguel to confirm the insinuations which Miguel obligingly adhered to their concocted legerdemain. Wannabeepres again asked Miguel if he had the knowledge that Amalas pocketed the $30 million payoff and $100 million to the president's husband as bribe-money to seal the contract. Miguel replied: "I am not aware, not within my coverage because I'm a technical person... anything outside... I don't know." Wannabeepres was electrified and frustrated. He was the one surprised by his surprise witness. As a consequence, they threatened Miguel with a contempt of court and detention in the Pinoy Senate Hall. Read more on this article...

Sunday, March 9, 2008


...And he slept with empty stomach -on the sidewalk. Tears flow on his pale and dirty cheeks and traces of uncertainties crookedly lined on his forehead.... This is the common scene and the cruel world of the street children. How a child, separated from his family as a result of broken homes and poverty, is relegated to the rubbish of street urchins.

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Thursday, March 6, 2008


Opposition groups had been employing all forms of shows and weird techniques to stress their campaign of power grabbing from the present dispensation. It is disgusting to see the children, age 7 to ll years old, being paraded bearing placards of Gloria Arroyo's ouster. They lined up the children -with the pretext of cultural presentations, marching with a coconut shell tambourine to produce a clucking noise barrage- portraying that these children are aware of the issues and shortcomings of the Arroyo administration. They are exposing the children to all sorts of danger and maltreatment. They are using our offspring to express their hatred and jealousy to those in power. Children should be placed in a secured surroundings being cared and nurtured for a worthwhile upbringing and not exploiting them for political gains. It is our responsibility to prepare the world for them and not the young ones to harp with. These parents or exploiters should be reminded of the Children's Bill of Rights. Children should not be exposed to hazards, trauma, or other emotional environment that will impede their health, growth, and educational development. Children are decorative angels at home and should be laid in the pedestal of glamorous adoration of family altar. Proper health, care, and protection should be the immediate concern of these erring groups instead of displaying the children to increased risk or harm that may result from the skirmishes of opposing groups. Our youngster, by nature, are uniquely dependent on the will and initiative of the parents. The supervision or direction from their responsible adults should be the greatest emphasis of a well-meaning society. They should be well-guided in their delicate search as human being, defining the future of their existence. Although children should be provided the right to freedom of thought, opinion, expression, conscience, and religion; it should not be inculcated in their young minds such malpractices that will lead to hatred, division, discrimination, anxiety, and failed expectations of being adult. It is at the age of 14 to 18 years old that they maybe taught of the rigors of adulthood. Children are the greatest gift of God to the responsible parenthood and the child upbringing is our prime and foremost duty and the cause why we are living. Read more on this article...

Monday, March 3, 2008

David Archuleta? Me Too!

(A pause from my post. 'just can't let the moment to escape on my pen when I saw the boy from my tv screen.) David Archuleta rose from the rank, took the lead pack, and hauled the-getting-boring American Idol tv program back to the front page of live entertainment together with a new group of talented performers being coined "the best of the season." He really outshone them all in the rendition of John Lennon's "Imagine", a self-styled and astounding version that Lennon himself might screamed with the jury and the fans. With that rendition, all the three judges: Randy, Paula, and Simon; said the contest is over since the start of the Season 7. All the praises were spoken of David Archuleta: Paula Abdul's comment of wanting a miniature David dangled from her rear-view mirror for her to glance with; girls swooning at the sight of him; parents want him to be her son-in-law; best of the nights; mature sound; big heart; and what else? ...when he smiles he can draw audience in awe and full of admirations; and he is too perfect for words. For the girls, I will bet for Ramiele Malubay. She's just a cute little girl with a shy look but with strikingly beautiful voice on the stage and, especially, she belongs to our tribe. She is astonishing and magnificent pearl that Pinoys will cherish all the time. Read more on this article...

Saturday, March 1, 2008


With the on-going winter, it is quite hard to believe that there is an on-going global warming cycle. Records show, in the countries near the northern hemisphere, that this is the coldest winter they have been experiencing in the last decades. Even Iraq and other countries in the Middle East experienced ice fall...unusual in one hundred years. How can a man on the street be convinced that there is an on-going global warming, particularly, those on the desert when they are now shivering.

The polar icecap is backed. The volumes and thickness it now accumulates are thrice the measure of its capacity compared to the previous seasons in the decades. The retreating polar bears photographed during summer, particularly, the picture of a polar bear leaving the Arctic Sea and its two little cubs searching for food but perished.... and was attributed to man-made global warming -this was shown in a television program of Oprah relative to the filming of "Planet Earth" produced by Johnny Keeling, Vanessa Berlowitz, and H. Cordey- have just returned in the periphery of Spitzbergen and Greenland. The skiers are now gliding glamorously and enjoying the snow at Williams Field Skiway in Ross Ice Shelf near McMurdo Station. The vast oceans and seas are now retreating and exposing the low lying lands and islets previosuly cited as alleged sinking or being swallowed by the sea. The hysteria of harping on carbon dioxide emission and man-made global warming are muted as a lonely chirping bird abandoned in a denuded vast forest. The sea and ocean basins are now in a decreasing level and the waters are becoming more salinated as fresh waters continuously evaporate, sublimate, and solidify to form the increasing ice cover of the Arctic Sea. Major temperature tracking device, researchers said, recorded a decrease of 0.70 degree centigrade temperature in January , this year, and shaded all the warming records in the past l00 years in just l2 months. 

 This tend to erode the man-made global warming theory the United Nations' IPCC has been barking and politicians are now beginning to think of a new man-made global cooling period. The global warming alarmists are now shifting to a more cordial words of climate change to evade the sensational attributes they had crafted. The scare of holocaust and catastrophes they instilled and pervaded in the minds of the people are now ebbing. Their campaign to cut carbon emission are now declining and the contentions of anthropogenic global warming seems to be easing and mitigating. Although the current cold spell that permeates throughout our earth are quite convincing of the diminishing effect of global warming, it is only an alternating periods of mild and severe climate change in the gradual rhythms of warming the earth which began decades of years ago and shall be culminating by the year 2020.

 And these are all attributable to the activities of the sun where the solar flares and eruptions of sunspots dictate the climate of the universe. Earth heating and cooling is a natural cycle. Human is a tiny thing in the universe so as to cause global warming. Read more on this article...