Thursday, February 21, 2008


Priests and nuns are always in the front of conflict and rallies against the Pinoy government. They seldom raised the issue beneficial to the people but, in tandem with the "evil society", agitating the people to fight against the duly constituted authorities instead. But they are good in collecting contributions from their parishioners and reaping the profits of their business establishments without paying any tax to the government! They enjoyed all the benefits derived from the state including the rights to be a candidate and be voted into government offices. They are experts in manipulating and circumventing the rules on the separation of the church and the state. They should have been the one spearheading the campaign against drug addiction -which are the menace and the stumbling block of the people's growth particularly the youth- but never you will find or hear from them complaining or rallying in front of Communist Chinese Embassy to help stop the prolifirations of prohibitive drugs...but they are making it a bee hive, swarming, when it concerns the U.S. Embassy. It is time that the state should review the tax perpetual holiday given to the church to alleviate the impoverishment and the deteriorating effect to the people's lives.

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