Tuesday, February 19, 2008


And he recited the stage rhetoric like "Hemingway's Robert Jordan, ..." with tears in his eyes and repeatedly clasping his hands on his face...: "I'm doing this for the sake of the people..." and Jordan's "for all the poor in the world, against all tyranny, for all the things that you believed, and for the new world you had been educated into," and he paused, exhausted, and seemingly grasping for breath; Rodolfo Lezado, Jr., former Pinoy Forest Corporation President, testified at the Senate -trying to outdo the state courts- denouncing the participation of a Comelec Chairman on the cancelled contract of government's National Broadband Network project and thereby implicating President Gloria Arroyo's husband in the aborted deal. With his unexpected appearance from political hibernation and resurfaced with the platoon of nuns and priests deserting their parishioners and leading political engagement, conflict, chaos, and rallies against the state; Lezado accused, with heroic posture, the government officials for fixing a deal, bribery, and corrupt practices. In view of his sponsored expose' and by discrediting the Arroyo administration, he was elevated to the political podium and was applauded by a group of presidential wannabees, religious organizations, leftist and communist parties, disgruntled elements, parties not given preferential treatment, and all ill-willed and paid audiences. He was asked whether his accusations was supported by evidence, he cannot produce and empty-handed. But the hearsay he has been expounding is being praised by his cohorts and given media mileage. When he was interviewed and confronted with whom he accused in front of the camera, ABS-CBN "Harapan," he complained he was just wearing t-shirt while the others were in 'barong' and well-dressed. Lezado's purported crusade culminated to oppositions' organized rally in Makati last Feb. l5, 2008, demanding Arroyo's ouster, chanting communist slogan, priest and nuns' prayers for delusion and political catastrophe, and enticing every Pinoy to junk the democratic institutions. But the oppositions' concerted efforts failed to muster the people power they had been mending for years to force their hidden agenda of power grabbing. They cannot wait any longer until 2010 election and submit theirselves for a pair people's scrutiny and selection processes. They have created so many issue and disinformation campaigns to force Arroyo's downfall and the Lezado's discordant, haughty, and obscured testimony were their latest clown. A ploy in exchange of a senatorial slating.

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