Friday, January 11, 2008


The have-nots and the less fortunates remain crawling in the cyberpath of poverty in this our space ruled by those who have. Billions of dollars and euros are spent for shackles to keep the poor in the binds of servility. The funds that flow to the development of arms and other war materials are awesome. These are intended to protect the "access roads" leading to the space where only the privilege few dwells with sumptuous provisions. These wealths should have been channeled to the billions of the poor who live on the junk sites to scour an old clothes or other left-overs; to the squatter areas who co-exist in the urban place to eke out for a living; to the crowded resettlements whose occupants were forced to settle by natural calamities; and in a poor quarters whose residents were herded to stay to avoid being entangled in the areas of conflict between the forces of greed. It is lamentable that the greater chunks of wealth are being spent on how to acquire more riches for self-aggrandizement. The issue of global warming is one glaring example where precious money is diverted for research. This issue where a group of alarmists keep on harping that it is due to carbon dioxide, a man-made activities, and therefore can be prevented by being subservient for whatever they wish and advocate. This is the property of nature being transgressed by man to force his objectives -a twisted reasoning for personal gains. This global-warming-carbon-emission-caused is meant to establish a chain of poverty intended to the poorest of the poor. How can these poor countries manage to compete with the advanced technology of already developed countries sponsoring the shift to non-carbon emitting society. The old equipment or toxic-bearing plants used by the poor will be taxed heavily sending them crawling in the valley of misery. The commerce of carbon dioxide are already well in-placed and they found global warming the best justifications to execute the trade. They always mean business and no human barriers can impede their greed for wealth. How can a poor country manage to buy a modern and non-carbon emitting plant or factory when majority of them were able to acquire one old plant by means of foreign loans they are still paying and are now heavily indebted and this carbon quota will be an added burden, compounding their harsh environment. These carbon-related equipment or establishments were the idea of wealthy economists forcing their system and making it a global requirement to ensure their perpetual hold for riches and hegemony. And these are meant to siphon the fresh blood of the poor and striving nations through the scare of global warming and catastrophes as cover. This billions of dollars should have been allocated for food, health, sanitation, clean air, education, and other amenities for the uplift of the poor. The poor who are the product of consequences. The poor who are the victims of manipulations. And the poor who are the less fortunate and were forced to be in their stead, not of their own makings. They are the ones which should be alloted by at least a certain level of decent living and should co-exist to share the benefits provided by Mother Nature. Money should be made available for the good of humanity and not the money to make a fetter to chain the many to a never ending state of vagrancy.

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