Sunday, December 9, 2007


Mass media in the Philippines is always unbalanced. The trend is to expound on the uglier side junking the country in a wastebin. Daily news stories are geared toward the bias of failures and rarely of compliment. See how media treat the Trillanes Mutiny at the Manila Peninsula Hotel. Instead of informing and clarifying what transpired in the said military stand-off, they tended to slur the issue and tainted the reputations of the law enforcers while upholding the perpetuators. They tried to turn aside the issue and shifted the focus of attention to the apprehended press -which by ethical standards, they should not be in the middle of conflict unless they are a party thereof. The possibility of a given favor cannot be discarded, specially, when they tried to hide or skip the story until it fades in the limelight. The press is always capitalizing on the abuse of certain authority while covering up their own misdeeds -a one-sided practices that seldom come out of their controlled lair. The objectivity of news reporting to bring out the event fairly is often blurred by the object of persuasions or colored opinions to favor the entities they worked for and/or stain the sides they abhor. Stinking media agents are taking advantage of unrestrained press to vilify and sending the country in mockery and in unfavorable stead.

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