Friday, December 14, 2007


Anyone who is into politics and aspiring to be president or prime minister may had been rumbling on their image-building propaganda; leading a community organizing activities; and/or sponsoring projects on health, sports, creating jobs, environments, and other popularity enhancing gimmicks. And there is the dilemma of either supporting the skeptics or joining the global warming advocates. Choosing one of these equally undesirable alternatives of campaign objectives will cost you an irriparable damage or a gratifying consequences. Take the clue from Kevin Rudd who dislodged Prime Minister John Howard, whose term is Australia's longest since 1974! Rudd's campaign salvo was when he declared that he would support the fight against global warming and made it his main priority. Riding on the zest of global warming issue is a critical component of being elected as president. Whether you are opposing or concurring in carbon emission legerdemain, as long as you are concerned with the abrupt changes in climate shift and its repercussions to human existence, you will have an edge and make it known months before election day. The trends today, as what being hammered-out in Bali, Indonesia, by IPCC delegates -which is how carbon-emission-reduction can be pushed through by international trading system for greenhouse gas emission, instead of a meaningful discussions on how we can adapt to the natural course of nature- should be always in your campaign agenda and prominently highlighted in the course of action or political platforms. You must be well-informed of the mitigating schemes such as: emission trading; carbon tax; carbon offset; carbon credit; and carbon sink or sequestration; and how it will generate funds and/or create jobs. These will be a likely questions that may be raised in your campaign debates or extramurals. It is understood that carbon will become one of the biggest commodity markets in the world, so aspiring candidate should be well-prepared on issues like green jobs, bio-fuel development, renewable power source, energy-effecient cars not SUV's, green building analysis, green-focused corporate strategy, and ... "all greenback... oh.., ouch!" .... or other green-related undertakings. These will result in the transfer of funds by billions of dollars on energy price increases and carbon caps. The fate of any presidential hopefuls shall always be decided by their adherence to a global warming programs they shall have to initiate. These inflated issues will affect the political landscape of our society, and you will realize how it influences the electorates. The ultimate outcome of electing a president is dependent on how you deal with climate change and this should never be understimated.

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