Thursday, November 29, 2007


See! a member of Pinoy Senate, sensing that he is trailing behind the race for 2010 presidency and his futile effort to free himself from incarceration, grabbed again the limelight. He launched again a rebellious act to boast his campaign and gain a much needed support to strenghten his dwindling status. He has done this before in the failed Oakwood Hotel Mutiny and won him a seat at the Pinoy Senate....while campaigning behind bars. He has done it again in trying to project a "macho" image while at the same time portraying a meek lamb and gain sympathy from the electorates. Senator Antonio Trillanes was charged for the second time of sedition together with a general and a bunch of his cohorts. They were being tried yesterday in a Makati City court when they walked-out of the court and marched going to Manila Peninsula Hotel again. The trial judge tried to stop him but he prevailed for he was able to convince (again) his military guard to back him up. While marching in the busy street of Makati City, they shouted slogan and trying to persuade others to join his crusade. Upon reaching the hotel, they ramped the door, destroyed the glass, and proceeded to the 2nd floor room and called the press. Gen. Danilo Lim, his adviser, read for him the prepared statement urging President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to step down and appealing to the people to support him. Meanwhile, the police cordoned and surrounded the area and tried to serve him a warrant of arrest issued by the judge and citing him in contempt of court. He tried to resist and was given an ultimatum to give up. Knowing that all his actions are in vain, he gave up. All these actions were done in front of the camera and beamed throughout the world . . . . just to convey how Philippine democracy works.

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