Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Climate change and global warming are now the talks of the day. All are pointing to carbon dioxide released by fossil fuels, man-made chemicals, volcanic eruption, and other related pollutants resulting to the formation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere thereby blocking the heat and send it back to earth. If this is the case, how is the heat generated by the sun will penetrate the greenhouse gases to illuminate the earth? It maybe assumed that greenhouse gases may also serves as strainer to block the harmful effects of ultra-rays emitted by the sun. And what is the U.S. Administration doing when they rejected the Kyoto Protocol on greenhouse gas-reduction schemes? The United States is considered to possess the most advance technology and science researches and it appears that they are not alarmed on global warming. Only Al Gore, who missed the US presidency in 2000, is spearheading the campaign against climate change. Carbon dioxide and other contributing pollutants originate from within and not from any other planet, and has been associated with the planet earth ever since its existence. Human race inhabited the earth in a very short period of time. The early history, as manifested by geologic fossils and strange debris of prehistoric plants and animals, is estimated to be some 50 million years ago; and as shown by rocks and limestone, the earth has undergone three climatic changes and we are on the fourth climatic change which began thousand of years ago and happens to be on our time. We must be glad instead, the next generation will know what we did to avert any abrupt changes and the care we did to save our earth. We are fortunate enough for we have the rarity to observe the great rhythms of the planet earth phenomenon. From the book of Rachel L. Carson, "The Sea Around Us", she mentioned a Swedish Oceanographer, Otto Petterson, who developed the theory of alternating periods of mild and severe climate change associated with the great tides... "of warm Atlantic water pressed into the Arctic Sea at deep levels, moving in under the ice", .... and resulted to the melting of the ice cap and glaciers down to the Atlantic Ocean. Petterson surmised that "about every 18 centuries the sun and the moon come into such position that they exert the greatest possible attracting force upon the sea and induced a maximum tide which last occurred about 1433." According to Carson, "there are also rhythmically occurring periods that fall at varying intervals -for example, every nine, 18 or 36 years- and these correspond to other tidal cycles and produce briefer and less drastic climatic variations." At the time of maximum tides, the mass of warm water that originates from the Southern Hemisphere moves gradually through the Atlantic Ocean up to Labrador Sea and Norwegian, Greenland, and Barents Seas; melting the Arctic Sea ice, the accumulated winter snows in the northern lands, and the polar ice cap, in the process. Thirteen years from now or by the year 2020, as maybe deduced, the melting of the ice will be more pronounced and it will induce rains and floodings -its awesome force no one can imagin- and disintegrating land oozing to the rivers and seawards causing a corresponding displacement of water overflowing the sea basins. Million of square kilometers of open water shall be added to the area occupied by the sea thereby raising the sea level. As a sign of this unusual occurence, in the year 2002, NASA scientists were alarmed after sighting that the Arctic Sea ice is melting through satellite images and thus evidencing that the warm current is gradually flowing underneath the sea ice. As a result of the intrusion of warm climate in the northern lands, Norway shall be experiencing better cropping harvest as well as Canada, Alaska, Russia, and other associated states in that area. While Greenland, Iceland, Spitsbergen, Svalbard, Franz Josef Land, and other northern islands shall be inhabited by seabirds and other flying species not usually seen in these places. Fishing industry shall also be flourishing in countries along the Norwegian Sea, Barents Sea, and Kara Sea. Meanwhile, thousand of islets shall be reclaimed by the sea. The low-laying cities and towns along the Atlantic Coast, the Gulf of Mexico, the Carribean Sea, the lower part of Mississippi to Florida would all submerge, underwater. With this great rhythm of the earth and the cycle of climate change which began thousand of years ago, as previously stated, -and so happens in so short span of human life and that we live in an age of rising seas, as Rachel Carson observed- we have no reason to be so alarmed or be frightened as Mother Nature will always be our guide. There will come a time that the earth, in its rotary motion, will tilt toward its opposite position and human, with his survival instinct behavior as he is already exploring the outer space, will just migrate towards the other side . . . . other Moises will lead them with God's will. Rmagin

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