Monday, November 12, 2007

Global Warming: The Greatest Scam in History by John Coleman

John Coleman, the weather channel boss calls Global Warming, the greatest scam in history and accused global media of colluding with "environmental extremists" to alarm the public. This was published on ICECAP (International Climate and Environment Change Assessment Project). I agree with Mr. Coleman, global warming is a natural phenomenon. It is going to happen but not with the misdeeds of humans. Carbon dioxidse and fossil fuels are not the culprits either. Water vapor is hundred times more abundant in the greenhouse gases that maintain the warm temperature of our earth. In reducing greenhouse gases, our earth will becomes cold and may not be inhabitable as the planet Mars is. The sun's surges of heat is the result of its nearing alignment with the earth's magnetic field thus inducing more heat on the earth's atmosphere, as I previously stated in my post "The Melting of the Ice. Also, heat will intensify with the coming of solar maximum where the sunspot and solar flares are in abundance. "There is no run away climate change. Impact on human is not catastrophic. Our planet is not in peril." concluded by Mr. Coleman.

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