Saturday, September 29, 2007


Hey! Look at the Pinoy Senate supposed to be the trustee of the people and the cradle of democracy (kuno!): . compose of the brightest legal minds and the stupid “unggoy” (monkey) raised to the august chamber; . made up of articulated buds and “amoy-lupa” (archaic) statues embedded in the Barking Hall; . consisting of unquestionable characters and the incarcerated or impounded “askal” (streetdog) seeking immunized stead; . consisting of honest or upright individuals and the mighty “buwitre” (vulture) ready to devour the taxes of working masses; . an assemblage of untainted one and the “kutong” (corrupt) statesmen dressed as meek lamb; . the group of lovers of peace and killer machine manipulators building political aggrandizement thereby evading court trials and files of lawsuits; . rows of men and women racing to have a committee “de bayong” (of large woven bag) or committee “de sobre” (of envelope) where “lagay” (bribe) are being negotiated; . the file of lawmakers whose major accomplishments are converting towns into cities or changing street names than passing economic bills which will directly benefit the people; . the bunch of legislators preferring to be investigators trying to outpace the Supreme Court; . the group of camera conscious solons who are fond of posing and turning the session hall into a photo session or stage show to avail of a free publicity or media mileage; . the bundle of men and women pretending to be for the welfare of the people but for the protection of their personal vast interest instead. And what have you, name it and we have it in the Pinoy Senate. Rmagin

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