Friday, January 26, 2018


Reverse Palace Route

Meeting place

On a group chat with Southpeak Cycling Group, we scheduled to meet at Jollibee-Pacita, San Pedro City, at 5:30 A.M.  sometimes this January.  Being aware of the distance to our meeting place, I decided to leave as early as 5:15 A.M. and although it was still dark, I arrived on time. I was quite dismayed that we are only three who showed on time. I noticed on the way one cyclists, Ka Rudy, an 82 year old, was in opposite lane whom I did not bother to call for he was already too far when I recognized him and maybe he is unaware of our schedule. Anyway, we were eleven who were present and committed to proceed.

Cheating the traffic to binan 

On our way we followed  a road courtesy of single file traversing carefully as there were many buses and jeepneys speeding during the rush hour. This is where our uniforms in Southpeak Cycling Group clearly shows "Share The Road". A fitting elation to our artist and designers, Jorge and Sonn!

We briefly stopped at Biñan-Hiway intersection and this was where we observed the blatant violations of traffic rules. There are those "beating the red light ", counterflow, unauthorized and no plate number, overcrowded passengers jeepneys, and usìng unauthorized siren horn. Then we turned right to Laguna International Industrial Park where we noticed the busy factories' grinding and roaring to beat the manufacturing deadlines. Then we passed through dash-laden road caused by the full blast  construction of Laguna-Cavite Express way to augment the infrastructure projects of the Philippines government.

Minute stop at Nuvali

Just a diversion to while away our worn out and tiring legs, we briefly took a rest and viewed the modern housing subdivision of Ayala's Nuvali and an impressive site development and an astonishing commercial establishment called Solenad . Its ultra modern four-lane road provides priority lane for cyclists and joggers enthusiastic activities.
Hence, we can call this a cyclist's haven!

Nuvali to mansion

On this way, we experienced testing our climbing strength where many were allaying and entertaining fear of overcoming the forthcoming greater height!  And yes, a sign of relief!  At the Imelda Mansion, we took some needed restocking of air and liquid. There are stalls selling several kind of strength- sustaining juice and tummy-filling foods where you can gorge with. And we were not alone, many cyclists came here with the same liking as we were.  And the place  got crowded.

Breakfast at Momsie Tess 

We proceeded on the hard and sloping road.  Tilting and twisting to avoid boulders and loose gravel. We passed by a guava tree with many ripening fruits.

We were not only lured to stop but what was true is...we were already tired! Hehe! Some of us kept on moving to get ahead up the level pavement. As we followed forcing our legs on the upper ground, we saw our comrades already positioned on the table in the eatery of Momsie Tess.  We joined and immediately ordered the free Barako Coffee and free delicious Puto (rice cake).

I have already emptied two cups of coffee before our breakfast is ready.  Our food was prepared on a banana leaves in what we called boddlefight.  Meaning, it is your own fault if you cannot eat faster as those hungry ones will try to grab the foods in front of you and little will be left for you.  However, as there were many  foods were prepared each us got enough and were contented. As we finished our food another cup of coffee was served and ended with me without a glass of water!

Punishing climb to buko girl

We were again on the road grinding to more stiff climb. This is the tail-end of Casile road. Although shorter than the climb before, we felt it more difficult and strenuous as we move snail-pace and time-consuming. There was a moment I hardly move... alighted my bike and took a rest hidden behind the cogon grass to avoid being berated! Hehehe!
After a short while, I rode my bike but can't move because of the harshness of the road. I cannot put my shoe cleats in place and after all I can't  hide walking.  When I reached the top, our buddies were already having their buko juice (coconut water) fresh from its shell in the place of what we called "Buko Stop".
 It's a great means of recovery for we were entertained  not only by the  freshness of the coconut juice but with photo shots beside a glamorous "Buko Girl."

Thereafter, a short climb again but not as hard as we struggled before. And we conquered the top of the "world". We are at the peak of the mountain... "The Palace in the Sky." Situated  at the summit of Tagaytay City. The easy way going to Tagaytay is the Aguinaldo Hi-way. The road we took is the hard way. The reverse way to Palace in the Sky, the "The Revpal." Read more on this article...

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Rappler’s Permit Revoked

Media ownership is intended only for its citizens in the Philippines. Anything more than 0% share is prohibited under the constitution.  This is the case a media outlet is now in the frying pan.
Rappler is partly owned by foreigner and this is the reason why the Security and Exchange Commision (SEC) revoked its permit to operate.   North Base Media of George Soros ( journalist Marcus Brauchli of NBM claimed that Rappler is NBM's biggest investments in the region, [see Top Journalists' independent media fund invest in Rappler by]) and Pierre Omidyar of eBay who used Rappler Holding Company  through Philippines Depositary Receipts are the two foreign financiers.  Rappler was given a chance to explain its side by SEC since December 14, 2016, but for almost one year it was not able to convince the Commission and is now crying for help and claiming of harassment.

Many times, internet users found on line news of Rappler as "fake news" and critical of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. It propagated that Duterte' s illegal drug campaign causes more or less 7000 death (Michael Bueza’s story on Rappler dated Sep 13, 2016) with no source to prove it and was picked by foreign media as facts. However, with official Philippines National Police tally, out of 70,854 anti-illegal drugs operations conducted from July 1, 2016 to August 29, 2017, there are only 3811 death in the said operation. And lately, one of Rappler's reporter, Pia Ranada, stated that Christopher  "Bong" Go, Duterte's Special Assistant, intervened in the purchase of Php 15.5 billion combat ships through National Defence Secretary Delfin Lorenzana, which the President frankly denied and warned the reporter to prove her accusation overnight and if proven, he will fire Go right away. The reporter might based have her accusation through rumors and cannot point her source.  There are speculations that said report is the product of lies that a certain opposition senator has been feeding the media to destroy the good reputation of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

Now, Rappler's CEO Maria Ressa has been complaining that what the SEC has done is in violation of press freedom and that Duterte is the one manipulating and suppressing critical media. The fact that Rappler is being financed by foreign funds, such as the findings of SEC which is unconstitutional and that Duterte has no hands in its permit cancellation, is undeniable.  Furthermore, the  CEO is being investigated by the National Bureau of Investigation for cyber crime and libel relative to the accusation that a certain guy lent his SUV to former Chief justice Corona who was abruptly removed by the bribery-ridden impeachment court of the Aquino regime.  
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Monday, January 15, 2018

President Rodrigo Duterte and his Sparkling Accomplishments

President Rodrigo Duterte and his Sparkling Accomplishments

As mayor of Davao City, Rodrigo Roa Duterte embarked to campaign the shift to a federal form of government to give a chance to Mindanao and other regions an  independent management to equally share the development being controlled by metropolitan area of Manila. Noticing the interest of the people and the crowd being gathered in every province of Luzon were he lectured the federal system of government, Duterte was eyed as a possible candidate for presidential election in 2016.  But he was not interested to run in the election until such time the deadline date of filing the certificate of candidacy was over.  Crowd waited for him at Commission on Election up to the last hour but he was no show! Instead, someone from his party (PDP laban) filed as presidential candidate in the last minute of the deadline! Sensing that Duterte has the highest possibility of winning, party-mates did not stop convincing him to run until finally he conceded and substituted their party candidate who withdrew the candidacy... (maybe as planned).  And the rest was history.

Controlling illegal drugs

During the campaign, Duterte promised to eliminate illegal drugs, stop graft and corruption, shifting to a federal form of government, and a possible charter amendment. The result of the election was a landslide victory for Duterte shocking the whole world that a local mayor won as President  with minimal expenses and without the backing and funding of powerful oligarchs!

On his few months in office, he organized the police and drug enforcement agencies resulting in the mass surrender of drug users and pushers which overcrowded jails and newly built drug rehabilitation centers. Some are being killed for violent resistance and many are killed by drug lords to avoid detections and cover-ups -arrested hired- killers admitted being paid by drug lords to kill drug pushers and attributed it to the wrongs of Duterte.
A senator, Leila de Lima. was jailed for letting the Bureau of Jail and Correction Center as illegal drug trading center and as a concert site of inmates serving  drugs and unrestricted supply of beer and alcoholics inside the jail... -she's invited and was videoed dancing with the enemy of the state- when she was Justice Secretary of former President Benigno Aquino III. A shabu (methamphetamine) factory was discovered near town of Aquino- a proof that the former president was in cahoots with illegal drugs.
Efficient collection of taxes
In his few months of administration he warned that those who repeatedly refused to pay their tax obligations will be charged in court.
Immediately, Lucio Tan's Philippines Air Lines paid PHP 7 billion; Rufino/Prietos, owner of Philippines Daily Inquirer and Mile Long Property paid PHP 3 Billion; owner of Mighty Corporation engaged in cigarettes manufacturing paid PHP 30 billion; and many other delinquent tax evaders.
The Bureau of Internal Revenue conducted investigations of unexplained wealth not only with their own personnel but throughout government employees particularly the personnel of the Bureau of Customs. Lately, a law on tax reform known as TRAIN was passed to support the many infrastructure projects lined up in his term.

Saving Marawi City from international terrorism

Duterte cut short his visit to Russia to attend personally the siege of Marawi city from ISIS led by Maute group. Prominent leader Isnilon Hapilon, recognized head of ISIS-Southeast Asia and Omarkhayam Maute, the group leader were killed in the battle of Marawi. Duterte successfully liberated Marawi in a record time and distracting the ISIS plan to regroup in the Philippines.
Today he is in the process of rebuilding Marawi and international donors are pouring in. Unlike Yolanda victims were donations got rotten and the foreign financial contributions were, up to this date, unaccounted by the previous administration.

Building more infrastructure projects through Build Build Build programs

President Duterte is now focus on building more infrastructure projects throughout the Philippines. Lined up were road and bridges, railways, subways, airports, and RORO (roll on roll off) projects connecting different islands of the archipelago.  As for starter, a ground breaking ceremony for the construction of Manila-Clark International Airport railway was undertaken which will shorten traveling time from two hours to 30 minutes. A massive bridge connecting the four island of Visayas (iloilo-Guimaras-Negros-Cebu Link Bridge), a $1 billion bridge, will be completed in Duterte's term.

Federal form of government

On federal form of government, Congress are  now preparing to discuss the manner on how to convene both houses in amending the constitution.
Senator Panfilo Lacson wants Congress to convene separately and come up with common recommendation to ensure  the relevance of demeaned Senate.  While in the lower house, Congressman Lito Atienza of Buhay Party-List is campaigning for a constitutional convention to eliminate term extension and political dynasties.  At least we are geared to a unicameral parliament which President Duterte has been campaigning for a shift to federalism.

With the sparkling achievement of Duterte and the excellent approval rating as president he has been garnering as shown by the latest survey of the Social Weather Station, a sparkling development of the Philippines is in the offing.
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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

I Just Found My Blog

It took me some time to recover my blog. Using my gmail account, I cannot access my blog. It took me a hard time to identify which user name and password I used.  All my files were misplaced and have changed my gadget many times which was not properly saved to the new one.

Lately, I remember  my yahoo email was the one I used in creating my Blogspot account and through verification of my mobile telephone number and the code sent to me,... that's it and I will revive and create a worthwhile post that I will share to my blog visitors.  However, in my long period of inactivity, it may require quite a time to acquaint myself and have some recollections for a meaningful posting of stories that may revive the interest of my readers.

'hope I can contribute some entertaining post of the current happenings in my surroundings and the environment I am involve with. Read more on this article...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pinoys Join Global Warming Fraud

The mistaken belief of Filipinos on global warming issue is manifested by the signing of Climate Change Act. And with this law, the participation of some Pinoy bloggers to represent them at Copenhagen’s summit on global warming this coming December is a futile undertaking. There will be no binding agreement which can be achieved on the coming summit. The more significant issue is global hunger not global warming and it should be where the interest of diplomats and influential leaders who attended the Asia- Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting in Singapore must be focused. And where will the renewed interests of Pinoys on global warming is leading? It is the waste basket of failed enthusiasm.
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Sunday, October 25, 2009

On Typhoon Ramil

Typhoon Ramil (codename Lupit) changed its course and is now heading to Japan. After it was reduced to tropical storm, it backpedaled from Northern Luzon and is now on the eastern side of Taiwan. The weather bureau should install a “No U-turn” sign board upon its exit from the Philippines area of responsibility!

*DOST-PAGASA MTSAT-EIR Satellite Image for
5 a.m. 25 Oct. 2009

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another Spillway for Laguna de Bay

Laguna de Bay is one of the most important sources of livelihood for about 12 million population of the region including Metro- Manila. Informal settlers have swarmed its flat border and become the danger zone during heavy rains and flooding. Another outflow must have to be constructed to avert the loss of lives and properties like the devastations caused by typhoon “Ondoy”. The proposed Paranaque Spillway channel may be avoided and be transferred to another site between Pangil and Paete to Lamon Bay.

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